Success Stories

Test Scores

Parents say their children improve so significantly once they begin at Math Genie that their test scores skyrocket.

Three Math Genie students — Keya S. and Rutu P. of Hillsborough, New Jersey, and Somer A. of Franklin — scored 100 percent in NJASK, the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge standardized test given to all New Jersey public school students in grades 3 to 8.

Another Math Genie student, Justin S. of South Amboy, scored in the highest percentile nationally in a series of standardized tests called TerraNova. The test, used throughout the United States, assesses K-12 student achievement in a wide range of subjects including science, vocabulary, spelling and mathematics.

Esther V. of Plainfield raised her TerraNova score from the 39th percentile to the 91st after seven months at Math Genie. Ten months later, she scored in the 99th percentile.

Michael K. made significant advances in his schoolwork. After three months at Math Genie, he went from an F in math to a B. By the end of the year he got an A+. In science, he went from a D to an A.

Special Needs

Many Math Genie students who were in special-needs classes are now in regular classes. Many of them have gone on to get the highest scores in their regular classes.

Reading Comprehension

Eesha P. increased her reading proficiency by 2 grade levels in 6 months. Vedanti J. and Clarissa W., who are 5 years old are already reading at the second-grade reading level in only 7 months of Reading Genie.

Toddler Geniuses

Toddlers (usually 5 and younger) learn complex addition and subtraction, often in a few months. They get so fast in their mental calculations that most parents can’t keep up with them.

Sports Success

Math Genie students also excel in sports. Their advanced mental skills translate to the ball field.

Focus and Concentration

Math Genie students develop tremendous focus and concentration.

Advanced Proficiency

Math Genie students learn math that is at least 1-4 grades above their level. Therefore many Math Genie students get invited to advanced math proficiency programs.