Reading Genie

Reading Genie

Your child will love to read and comprehend.

If your child dislikes reading or doesn’t comprehend what is being read, schoolwork becomes difficult and frustrating. Every subject your child faces involves reading.  If your child lacks this basic skill, future success could be compromised. We can help.

Our unique approach

Our teachers are passionate about they do and make learning fun. Your child will look forward to opening a book and finally understanding what’s on the page. Our program will plug any gaps your child may have in grammar, comprehension or vocabulary. At Reading Genie we make sure that students can recognize words, pronounce them and use them in a sentence.

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  • An in-depth assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Small, intimate class sizes
  • Focus on accelerated learning
  • A reading plan customized to fit your child’s needs
  • No boring or monotonous worksheets
  • Fun and engaging atmosphere

  • Topics Covered

    • Phonics
    • Sight Words
    • Writing
    • Language Ars
    • Vocabulary

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    Reading Genie programs are grouped by reading ability, with a focus on Comprehension. Learn more by calling us at (732) 659-4364 to schedule a free reading assessment for your child.

    Toddler GenieChildren ages 3.5 to 5 years old$95 a month

    program toddler main Reading Genie

    • Weekly Class of one hour
    • Recognizing and using all of the letters of the alphabet
    • Short and long vowel sounds
    • Writing all of the letters and short words
    • Learning all of their sight words
    • Phonics Instructions
    • Reading skill such as telling a story
    • Games to help with memory and phonics

    Junior Genie Children 5 to 7 years old$150 a month

    program jr main Reading Genie

    • Weekly Class of two hours
    • Mastering sight words
    • Enhance auditory skills
    • Enhance writing skills
    • Master vowel sounds
    • Apply their knowledge of letters and sounds to comprehend a story
    • Reading and thinking critically
    • Learn classifying, sequencing, context clues, read fiction and non-fiction

    Senior Genie Children 7 to 11 years old$150 a month

    Girl1 Reading Genie

    • Weekly Class for 2 hours
    • Focus on comprehension in a book-club like setting
    • Enhance writing skills
    • What’s the main idea of a Book
    • Characterization of the story
    • Sequencing-putting stories in order of how they happened
    • Summarizing/Retelling of a Story
    • Vocabulary skills

    Free Reading Assessment! Call (732) 659-4364 or fill out this form to schedule a comprehensive Reading Assessment. A $75 value