Summer Camps

Summer Camps for Math and Reading

Is your child watching TV all summer. Or melting in the heat outdoors.
If so, they are losing so much of what they gained during the school year! Don’t let your child lag behind in September! Give them an edge this summer!

Give your Child an Edge this Summer


Accelerated Math

Our Accelerated Math program will cover any learning gaps your child will ahve. We will also teach them advanced Math Genie Math skills using the Abacus. Your child will be ready for the fall.Includes: Abacus Instruction, Memory Games, Yoga, Fractions, Math Puzzles, Mental Math, & Multiplication


Word Problems Workshops

We will focus on Word Problems, games, puzzles etc. Pre-algebra, & Yoga


Accelerated Reading

We focus on Concentration and Writing. We will cover Phonics, Sight Words, Writing, Comprehension, Rapid Reading techniques and more. Kids will also use Visualization to become really fast readers. Includes: Reading, Writing, Phonics, Language Arts, Grammar, Spelling, Yoga, Memory Games, Word Puzzles.


Leadership and Public Speaking

This is the year your child should learn Public Speaking, Teamwork, Goal Setting etc. Your child will learn how to speak effectively in Public. How to work in teams. Set Goals and use Visualization to achieve them.

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