We live by our Core Values.

    Math Genie geniuses working hard with their abacus

    If not us who?

    The current education system wastes the potential of most students. Most efforts in the last few decades have made the problem worse. The education system is being dumbed down. Most American students are falling behind the students from other countries. So if we dont do push our students to reach their highest potential who will do it?

    Fix the Missing Bricks

    Many students pass from one Grade to the next with lots of missing bricks. Many middle school teachers report that their students havent mastered skills that should be taught in Elementary school. Many college professors report that many of their students arent college ready. We find that many students have missing bricks of knowledge. As these missing bricks accumulate students fall more and more behind, are confused. However we can fix the missing bricks and ensure that our students thrive.

    Constant and Never Ending Improvement

    We are lifelong learners. We are constantly improving our selves, our processes and our teaching methods. We impart that to our students. So they are also constantly improving. A small improvement daily compounds into extraordinary improvement over a long period of time.

    People can hear a smile on your face

    We are friendly. We smile, we laugh and we have fun. We want our students to do the same.

    Assemble the table

    There is a story behind this Core Value. Once Covid lockdowns ended and we started our in person classes, we had to replace our two student tables with single tables. We ordered some tables. When the tables arrived, Coach Stephanie came to teach her class, saw the the unassembled tables. She got her screw gun and started assembling the table. Nobody asked her to do that. She knew that this had to be done and she did it. If not us who?

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