5 Signs to Know if Your Child is Ready For Preschool

Posted by Tiara Swinson on April 08, 2019

is your child ready for preschoolDetermining when your children are ready for preschool is easy to do if you know what signs to look for. Some of these signs at times are very easy to see, but some of these are a bit more hidden.

These 5 signs will let you know you are sending your child to preschool at the proper time. However, you should know that all of these signs are not always present but your child may still be ready for preschool. It is a very case by case situation and of course you know your child best out of everyone.  

1: They are Able To Spend Time Alone

Younger children often suffer from separation anxiety as it is their first time away from mom or dad. However, if your child is willing and able to spend time away from you it is going to be easier for them to adjust to preschool and not upset the other children. If you are not sure, letting them stay at a babysitter or family member for the day will tell you if they are going to be upset by spending a long day away from you. Either way, this is a big indicator if your child is ready.

2: They are Completely Potty Trained

A common requirement for preschools is the kids have to be potty trained. The requirement is one that makes it easier for your child to have an enjoyable time, but also to keep your child happy and avoid any embarrassment from going in their pants all the time. It is important to remember that accidents can happen and when they do it is usually less embarrassing for your child than going in their pants everyday. 

3: They can Concentrate on a Task for a Longer Period of Time

When you send your child to preschool they need to be able to concentrate on a specific task for a longer period of time. The tasks in preschool are generally between fifteen and twenty minutes long. To avoid any issues you need to make sure your child is able to stay on task for that long and not be distracted.

4: They are Able to Interact with Other Children 

Interaction with other children is going to happen when your child is going to preschool. However, you want to make sure your child is ready to interact with other kids and not become angry or start fighting with the other children. A good way to help is to socialize your child as often as possible. They need to know how to share, take turns, ask politely and listen to other kids and the teacher.

5: They Have Plenty of Stamina to Complete a School Day

The school-days have a tendency to be a bit longer than what a lot of kids are used to. Since this is the case, you need to guarantee that your child has the stamina to help them in getting the day completed or at least making it to a predetermined nap time. When children run out of steam they often get cranky or angry and that can lead to calls home. This is another big indicator if your child is ready for preschool, whether or not they can handle the full preschool day.

Preschool is very rewarding and educational for children. However, as a parent, you should know the signs when your child is ready to start preschool. Once you know these signs and see them in your child, you can start to explore the different preschools in your area.

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