Steve Job's Kids Didn’t Have an iPad...Should Yours?

As Smartphone's become more popular it becomes a common occurrence to hand over your phone to your child. Studies show how this will affect your child.

Marshmallow Test- What does it say about your child?

The Marshmallow Test for years has been correlated with different qualities of individuals It consists of children choosing between small and large rewards

Why Drawing Is Important For Children

Drawing is important for children. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from the paint on their fingers, it should always be encouraged

PARCC a Necessity for Graduation?

With recent concern about the PARCC Test being a necessity for graduation, parents have begun to protest The fear of having more students drop out is rising

Creating an Impartial PARCC Exam; A Possibility or a Myth?

The PARCC exam test students based on an assessment of reading skills. Gosner discusses that this exam should be based on a more individual based effort

The Paradox of Common Core Standards

Analysis of Common Core standards on the math english & writing success students have. This article discusses the way that the Core affects PARCC scores

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