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Steve Job's Kids Didn’t Have an iPad...Should Yours?

      As smartphones become more and more popular it has become common for parents to hand their phone to their child. Steve Jobs, the developer of Ipads and Iphones, spoke about how he doesn’t let his children use...

Marshmallow Test- What does it say about your child?

      Walter Mischel one of the most influential modern psychologist addresses a major theory known as willpower. The well-known “Marshmallow Test” has become correlated with things such as temptation, willpower and grit

Why Drawing Is Important For Children

Drawing is so important for children. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from the paint on their fingers, it’s something they enjoy thoroughly and that should always be encouraged.

PARCC a Necessity for Graduation?

    With the recent replacement of traditional standardized testing state Board of Education is issuing a relatively new controversial test called the PARCC Test. Through discussion of it being a more comprehensive exam...

Creating an Impartial PARCC Exam; A Possibility or a Myth?

       In light of the PARCC scores being released, New Jersey officials have just recently mandated PARCC testing to become a requirement for graduation. Although in comparison to other past standardized tests, many...

The Paradox of Common Core Standards

      Over recent years Common Core has become a signature staple of the educational system. However, it’s recent popularity tends to receive mixed reviews from parents and local educators. In order to analyze the...

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