Does The Cutoff Date Affect Children?

With all the hype about whether or not the cut off date really affect children, we begin to take a deeper look.

Anatomy of a Math Genie Math Class

One might wonder, what does a typical day in a math genie class entails! Our unique supplemental programs help children excel in Math English Reading PARCC

Self-Reliance Is Important, But Why?

Learning to be self-reliant is important to be taught when a child is at a young age so it can develop, as they grow older.

The Importance of Positive Reinforcement

Children minds are blank slates that slowly become filled with memories and lessons from their everyday experiences.

Importance of Mastering Motor Skills at an Early Age

Motor skills are simply any movement or actions in which a child uses their muscles. Developing proper motor skills at a young age is extremely important.

Writing Your Way to Ivy Leagues

An essay that got young Brittany Stinson into five Ivy League schools is creating a lot of attention. Undergrad admissions officers are explaining why.

The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

The proper way to hold a pencil is a skill set that follows a child all through life, it is extremely important that it is taught correctly at a young age, while their muscles are still developing

A Book a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

We all know an apple a day keeps the doctors away, but new studies show books can have a similar affect on readers.

Jay Leno Gives Advice About Being Dyslexic

A call from Jay Leno sparks excitement in a young boy named Aidan's mind. A call not entirely to surprise brings recognition to Aidan's project.

How To Talk To Your Children, and get them to Really Listen

There are three different kinds of parents; Aggressive, Passive,and Assertive. Talking to children properly is important, here is how to get them to listen

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