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Encouraging Positive Homework Behaviors Using PRIDE skills

What Are PRIDE skills?

Spending time with your kids is essential to building unconditional positive regard and healthy relationships with them. It increases positive behaviors and build self-esteem

Making “Special Time” For Your Children

Every parent has two gifts that they are often unaware of: their time and their attention. Nonetheless, with our very busy schedules, our kids school days, their homework, and their extra-curricular activities, it...

increase in number of graduates in state of New Jersey

Why Has The Graduation Rate In NJ Risen?

The NJ high school graduation rate from this past June has risen to a new high with more than nine in ten students graduating, according to a recent story from NJ Spotlight. In fact, the state graduation rate has...

Writing Exercises For Your Child That Don’t Involve Writing

Have you ever thought about asking your child to write without explicitly making them put their thoughts down on paper? It may seem counterintuitive to practice writing without actually writing, but the process is...

Should NJ Private Schools be Regulated More?

New Jersey state officials’ recent attempt to crack down on some unethical actions currently going on with the state’s private schools may end up doing more harm than good. Their goal is to crack down on problems like...

Are You Keeping Up With Literacy?

Literacy is continuing to be a problem for a lot of people in the United States. In fact, according to a recent article from Campus Technology, the percentage of adult literacy has not changed in the past 10 years. So...

ensnuring your child has good quality textbooks could make a big difference in their academic success

Students Need the Best Textbooks Possible

Most of us likely experienced the problem of lower-quality textbooks at some point during our education. You may have had to deal with textbooks that were out-of-date or damaged. They might not have had all the most...

The Correct Way to Motivate Your Child

According to researchers our children’s capacity for learning is nearly infinite and heavily based on motivation. Motivation has been found to direct behavior towards goals, increase effort and energy, enhance...

6 Steps to Motivate Your Child

Learning can be fun and exciting, especially when it is well matched to your child’s interests and abilities. However, you may be finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the dynamic allure that television,...

5 Ways to Help your Child Conquer the 5-Paragraph Essay

Is your child sitting down to write a 5-paragraph essay with tears streaming down their face because they just can’t understand their writing assignment? More often than not, the 5-paragraph essay is becoming the staple...

higher level math can benefit your child in everyday life

How Important Is High Level Math To A Child's Future?

As children, a lot of us often wondered how much value there is in a lot of what we learn about in school. We would ask when we’re going to use this stuff in life or how it’s going to prepare us for the working...

How To Solve U.S. Literacy Issues?

Growing up, I usually did a pretty good job with reading and writing in school. For the most part, English was my strongest subject. Although I was talented in writing other students that can be their weakness. Some...

How Effective Is Our Education System?

In the United States our education system is often criticized for its effectiveness and strategies. Arguments can arise about the weaknesses needed to be addressed. Having said that, the New Jersey Department of...

Help Your Elementary School Student Succeed By Becoming Involved

Attending parent teacher conferences and back to school night is crucial to your children and their development throughout school. They allow you to connect with the teacher on a level without children present and...

A Child With Autism Can Benefit From Receiving An IEP

A child with autism may be able to benefit from the programs given to children with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). This is a specific program intended to assist school children with disabilities. When it comes...

Give Your Child the Time and Space to be a Creative Writer

Do you want your child to be able to create and foster his or her imagination? You have to let them write.

Student Writers Need to Record Before They Can Write

If you want your child to master the art of writing, you have to record them telling a story before they can even begin the process of becoming a better writer.

Make your child an effective writer using tools such as brainstorming, outlines, and reading

Habits of an Effective Child Writer

What are the habits of an effective child writer? What are their rituals and routines that motive them and push them forward?

Why Successful Student Writers are Voracious Readers

Successful student writers are voracious readers. Not only are they voracious readers, but they are also extremely successful readers and this is often reflected in their testing scores. Why?


Make Writing Important by Letting Your Child Perform

You need to make writing an important part of your child’s life. They need to be able to perform their work.

Exercising the Writing Muscle— Activities to Stimulate Creativity

Do you need a quick way to stimulate your child’s creativity on a day where they are severely unfocused or uninspired? Bring them in to Math Genie to really get them rolling and then check out these ways to exercise the...

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