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meditation can have positive effects on your childs attention, grades, and mental health. Math Genie incorporated 5 minutes of yoga before every class

6 Reasons Why Meditating is Beneficial for Children and Pre-teens

As a parent, you yearn for the moment when the kids finish eating, the dishes are done, the laundry is folded, and finally, homework time is over. After they throw that pencil down, they eagerly run to the computer,...


Importance of the Oxford Comma

Your child may be familiar with following comma rules in order to make their writing clear. Some of these rules include placing a comma before quotation marks, placing commas between items in a series, and placing a...

Strategies to Help Increase a Student’s Concentration

Student’s often struggle to pay attention because of their active, wandering minds. They are even more likely to give up on a task if it is too hard. They might get sad, annoyed, or frustrated and throw a fit. If...


5 Ways To Motivate Your Children Outside of the Classroom

Children crave acknowledgement and recognition; let’s make sure they get it!

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