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start teaching your children math at an early age to have them ahead of the game when they start school!

Why You Should Teach Math at an Early Age

Math, as well as reading and writing, is one of the core subjects we use on a daily basis and a subject we expect kids to know how to do. Some parents struggle with the question “What is the right age to teach my...

importance of reading and reading comprehension

Importance of Reading Comprehension

Although many children can read, reading and reading comprehension are two different things. While reading involves translating and decoding text into sounds and spoken words, reading comprehension involves...

Math Genie closed to observe Diwali

Math Genie will be closed to observe Diwali the Indian New Year today October 19th. 


Kids Halloween Costume Contest

Come and join us for Math Genie Kids Halloween Costume Contest between October 24th - October 31st 2017 in New Jersey.

Visit a Math Genie learning centre in Marlboro, East Brunswick, North Brunswick or South...


U.S. Math Scores are Dropping and Here are 3 Likely Reasons Why

Since the mid to late 2000’s, math scores have decreased a significant amount in American students. In 2015, Americans scored significantly low in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a...

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