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How to Solve Word Problems

As your child advances in school, they will come to a few stumbling blocks. There are some problems that prove difficult to a lot of students to understand. The most common issue is with word problems. Students...

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Why Your Child Needs the Abacus

We sat down with some of our Math Genie math teachers and asked them a simple question: Why should parents teach their children the abacus? The teachers told us many benefits of teaching the abacus to children....


The Abacus is the Key to Every Math Problem

The fundamental part to Math Genie’s success is the abacus. As founder Mohit Jain says, “the abacus is the center of everything.” As a parent, you might wonder how the abacus can help your child with their fractions...


Mental Math Makes Students Shine

Do you want to help your child get ahead of the curve and a jump start on life? t’s not a question of if you want your child to succeed; it’s a question of how you can help. There has been remarkable progress shown...


Say No To Redshirting


My Child Missed the Cutoff, Now What?

As a parent, you have many things to worry about. One of the top concerns is making sure your child has a proper education, but what happens if the education is denied because your child missed the cut off date?


Mindful Practices at Home

Over stimulation has become a real problem for today’s children. There are so many toys, gadgets, activities, and commitments that a child can be pulled into too many directions at once. This leads to children...


Mindfulness Matters: The Benefits of Meditation for Children

What do you do when your child acts up? Do you give them a time out or take away their television and video game privileges for the night or weekend? Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to get through to your...

All About Fractions

All About Fractions

Fractions are used in everyday life  A fraction is a part of a whole. It is a number between 0 and 1. You might see that you have a quarter of a tank of gas, or your child only ate half of their green vegetables at...

How to Teach Long Division


Abacus Crushes Anxiety and Makes Math Great

Abacus Defeats Math Anxiety

How do the words "math homework" make you feel? More importantly, how does it make your child feel? Some students can become anxious when asked to do math. They dread numbers and wish word problems would just go...

Math Genie Students Learn on the Abacus

Learning the Abacus is Learning to Learn

If I may rephrase a popular proverb: give a child a math book, you teach him one subject, give a child an abacus, you teach him how to learn. The benefit of learning the abacus is that it has systematic value. When a...

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