Summer at Math Genie

Coming Soon, Summer Workshops!

Check out all the fun that is going on at Math Genie this summer! Make sure your child does not miss out!

Getting Ahead this Summer

Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead this Summer

Do you know how to make sure your child gets the most of this summer? Don't miss out on giving your child the best enrichment as possible

Summer Learning

What is the Summer Learning Loss and Why Should You Care?

The summer learning loss can affect your child no matter where they are in school. If you do not stop the learning loss your child can be as far behind as a year and a half in school by the time they enter middle school.

Aarush Writing Conest Winner

Fifth Grade Writing Champion: Aarush

Maybe technology is not as beneficial as people think. Are we really moving further apart from each other because of all of our technology? Aarush thinks so.

Grishmaa Writing Contest Winner

Fourth Grade Writing Champion: Grishmaa

Are siblings important? See what Grishma has to say.

Kritha Writing Contest Winner

Second Grade Writing Champion: Kritha

What is your happiest memory? This is what Kritha said

Sebastian Writing Contest Winner

Kindergarten Writing Champion: Sebastian

Why do you love your mom and dad? Sebastian said this...

Math Genie Writing Contest

Announcing Writing Contest Winners

Reading Genie offers reading and writing enrichment program for students as young as 4 years old. Check out some of our amazing writers from grades kindergarten to sixth grade! Will your child be the next Reading Genie Writing Champion?


Wait a Minute, PARCC Isn't Leaving Next Year?

Repollet recently announced that this year will not be the last PARCC test for New Jersey. It is very possible that next year won't be the last test either. Here's why...

Helping your child with homework

Painless Parenting Strategies for Helping Your Children with Their Homework

How to help your children with their homework without doing their homework for them. These strategies will help you teach your children healthy homework and study habits.

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