they can do it on their own!

How To Teach Problem Solving to Kids

Making sure your child can solve problems on their own is invaluable in their school and social life. Don't let your child fall behind!

it's time to let go

Helicopter Parenting will Crash and Burn Your Child's Future

You might mean well but your helicopter parenting will cause more harm than good

Asian-Americans are being discriminated by Ivy Leagues

What Asian Americans Need to Know about College Admissions

Harvard has been discriminating against Asian-Americans for years. Just because you have perfect test scores, grades, community service and extra curricular activities, you can still be turned away because of your race

Reconnect with your family today

Unplug and Reconnect: How to Build Stronger Connections at Home

Making sure you have time to spend with your family, without distractions, is just as important for your child as her soccer games and violin lessons. Make sure your child knows you want to spend time with her and make the effort to give her your undivided attention.

mindfull parenting gives you a happier, healthier home

Mindful Parenting is Better Parenting

If you ever feel as though your at the end of your parenting rope, these tips will help you gain a firmer foothold on parenting and give you a happier, healthier home.

has common core failed the students

Is Common Core Failing?

The NAEP reports for the 2017 testing season have been released and it is more proof that Common Core is failing

How can you help your child with his homework?

What's Wrong with Common Core?

How are you supposed to help your child with his homework when you don't understand it yourself?

it is important to teach active listening to your child

How to Teach Active Listening Skills to Your Child

Having active listening skills will greatly improve your child's social and academic life. Not to mention, a child who can actively listen and respond to situation will have a stronger self of self-reliance and leadership skills.

actively listening is important for parents and children

Are You Really Listening to Your Child?

It's not enough to just talk to your child. You must actively listen to him as well. Here is how you can improve your relationship with your child through active listening.

Handwriting Helps Students Succeed

Handwriting is Making A Come Back

How to increase your child's creativity and comprehension skills. Handwriting makes your student a better learner and improves focus and concentration

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