how to teach your child to read

The "Do's and Don'ts" of Teaching Your Toddler to Read

Learning to read, write and recognize shapes and numbers at an early age are huge benchmarks in early childhood education. Here are some tips to teach reading comprehension to toddlers as well as the common mistakes and misconceptions parents make when trying to teach their toddlers to read.


Why Doesn't the School Teach Proper Grammar?

Parents are not aware that grammar and language arts are not taught in school any more. At best, if the lesson plan is light one week, a teacher will tell the class what a verb is or how to use commas. But language arts and grammar are simply not apart of today's curriculum


The Danger of Computer Illiteracy in an Increasingly Digital World

Knowing computers is becoming more of necessity and less of a hobby each day. So how do you if your are computer literate? Should your child also know computers? If they want a decent chance in a job market that is getting more and more digital, it is a must.

Reading Comprehension and context clues

Importance of Reading Comprehension: Helping Your Child Find Context Clues

A lot of students do not enjoy reading because they are can't find context clues and make inferences that the author wants them to do. Also, without the context clues they cant build their vocabulary with new words. These simple, often overlooked steps are essential to reading comprehension.

He needs to know grammar

The Importance of Grammar, the Building Blocks of Reading Comprehension

Most parents undervalue the importance of grammar and language arts. Then, they are confused when their child lacks reading comprehension. These parents don't realize that their child is missing the building blocks that are grammar and English Language Arts that are rarely taught in schools.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

Help Your Child's Reading Comprehension: How to Build a Diverse Vocabulary

Students who don't enjoy reading often feel confused when they don't understand the vocabulary. Many students get frustrated with their reading assignments simply because they do not know the words they are reading. How can you help your child's reading comprehension and build their vocabulary?

Healthy Bedtime Habits for Kids

Getting Your Child to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep: Healthy Bedtime Habits

Why is bedtime such a headache? The arguments, the compromises, the tears, maybe even the Benadryl. There simply has to be a better way to get your little Energizer Bunny to go to sleep. Do not worry, you are not alone. Here are some proven healthy bedtime habits for a good night's sleep.

student writers success

Top 3 Ways to Flourish Your Child's Creative Writing Skills

This will give parents ways to help encourage their children to write. It is very important for your child to be a creative writer. This article will explain how to encourage young students to find and create their own voice when they are writing.

build their confidence for public speaking

How to Help Your Child Be a Better Public Speaker

Some children are naturally shy. They dread presenting class projects and are often shy even around family. How can a parent their child become more confident and build their child's public speaking abilities? In essence, how can a child become a better public speaker and more confident student?

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