learn math and learn how to cook!

Math in the Kitchen - Why Math Skills are Invaluable

Measurements, conversions and telling time. These are basic math skills that every child needs to know. But there's an easy and fun way to teach your child these skills right at home. Cooking and baking together with your child lets them practice essential math skills and learn a new life skill too!

how will you know to ask for help

5 Things College Students Wish They Learned in Childhood

Ever think back and wonder what if you learned this sooner? So many college students and adults realize too late how many skills they are lacking. These skills are taught to children but often ignored. It is vital for you to teach your children these skills now, before it's too late for them too.

why children should present their writing

Spoken Word: Why Presenting Your Writing Aloud Makes You a Better Writer

Because there are conscious decision a writer makes when they know they have to present the piece to others, giving verbal presentations will make your child a much stronger writer. They will catch their own mistakes when reading their writing aloud and they will get feedback from their peers.

children need to fail sometimes too

Your Child Needs to Fail in order to Grow

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Why is it then that so many parents do not understand that children, like everyone else, need to fail in order to grow? It is a harsh reality, which may be why so many are straying from it. But the truth is, you need to let your child fail.

The reason why parents should learn computer coding for their children

You Can Code Too! Parents Should Learn Computer Coding

Parents are constantly encouraging their children to learn new things. Computers and computer coding has been on the rise as the new thing to learn. But did you know it is just as important for parents to learn computers? It helps your at home and at work. And it helps your child learn too.

how to talk to your child about bullies

How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying

Bullying is still a huge problem. A lot of kids are ashamed are afraid to tell an adult they are being bullied. Parents need to be extra aware because of the different types of bullying going on today. Here you will learn what to look out for and how to talk to your child if they are being bullied.

teach your child how to  write a 5 paragraph essay

The 5 Steps to Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

A lot of parents struggle with five paragraph essays. Sure you know what it is supposed to look like but how do you teach your child how to write one? This breaks down the five steps from introduction to conclusion. Understanding these steps will have your child writing like a pro in no time!

it's time to turn off the computer and open a book

When Should You Turn off Your Child's Computer?

Computers are an amazing tool for learning. But over using them or introducing them too early to your child can do more harm than good. Sometimes it's better to step away from the computer. Do you know when it's time to turn off the computer and open a book? Your child's education could be suffering.

learning a  foreign language will open a world of possibilities

Foreign Languages are Your Child's Ticket to Success

Being bilingual means your child will have stronger academics and a better understanding of the English language, which means stronger writing and reading comprehension. They also can get into more competitive gifted and talented and college programs. These benefits only continue to grow as they do.

how to make this back to school season enjoyable for everyone

The Parent's Manual: Back to School the Right Way

You already know how to set budgets and routines. But do you know the early signs of academic disabilities your child might show at the start of the year or how to build contacts to ensure your child's safety and success? For parents who want to be prepared for the new school year this is for you.

everything for back to school is right here

Your Go-To Guide for Back to School

Back to school is a hectic time. With all of the stress it is very easy for parents to make mistakes. Whether you are jumping for joy or mourning the loss of your vacation, there are a few things you should know, Here are some important do's and don'ts for back to school you need to keep in mind.

how is bullying affecting your child

What Does "Bullying" Look Like in Today's World?

How is bullying different today than previous generations? What should parents look out for when it comes to bullying? These days, bullying is more than pushing the scrawny kid into the locker. Parents, you need to be aware of the different types of bullying that can be hurting your child everyday.

every child learns in their own way

What Type of Learner is Your Child?

There are well known learning styles but many parents do not understand what they mean. There is also the theory that a child is either this type or that type of learner. This plays a huge role in gender gap and gender biases. You can hold your child back if you don't understand how they learn.

teach your child to give and take feedback

How to Teach Your Child About Constructive Criticism

Everywhere in life, kids have to deal with other people's opinions. It can be hard for kids to take constructive criticism. Your child can get offended if someone else thinks they're wrong. If they don't know how to give constructive criticism they can hurt another kid's feelings. Learn how to help

how teach your toddler math

Early Math is Essential: Teach Your Toddler Math Skills

Every parent is looking out for those toddler milestones. You look forward to their first steps, first words and first big kid pants. What is equally important is your child's first math skills. This article shows you when and how to teach your toddler, numbers and basic addition and subtraction.

what type of writer is your child?

These Different Writing Styles will Make Your Child a Great Writer

This article will give parents ways to help encourage their children to write. If you have ever wondered what your child's writing strengths and weaknesses are, here is the answer. Learn the different writing styles and how you can encourage your child to find their own voice when they are writing

Stop the Gender Gap-1

Why Your Child Should Learn Computers

Why is computer knowledge so important and why is it so underrated? Often, parents don't know about computers and don't understand why it is important to learn them. But children truly need to be taught computers. Knowing computers will put your child ahead of his peers and give him a leg up in life.

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