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How to Help Your Child Connect With Their Inner Self

What does it mean for your child to find their inner self? When your child gets in touch with themselves they'll understand why they should always try their best. They feel accomplished and confident when they're able to solve their problems on their own. Help you child build confidence today.

Moving Forward in the PARCC Phase-Out

There have been new developments with PARCC in New Jersey. Repollet, Murphy and the Department of Education still hold every intention on getting rid of PARCC. Here are their latest plans as well as long term goals as they work to phase PARCC out of the New Jersey schools.

why your child should read more poetry

How Can Reading Poetry Help Your Child's Reading and Writing Skills?

How can reading and writing poetry help my child? Poetry actually has huge advantages for readers and writers of all ages. Reading and writing poetry will increase your child's reading comprehension, creative writing skills, and vocabulary. Find out how you can encourage your kid to try more poetry.

how is your child using their brain

Your Child's Ability to Learn is Based on the Executive Function

Did you know if your child is falling behind in school it might not be what you think? There's a function that plays a huge role in learning material, completing homework and assignments, even doing well on tests that doesn't have to do with how smart you are. It's called the executive function

make sure your child has time for everything on their schedule

Soccer, Karate, Dance, Hockey and Homework: How to Balance Work and Play in Your Child's Schedule

Everyone knows that school is important. However, so many parents prioritize play time over homework. Sometimes, you feel there aren't enough hours in the day. Perhaps there's just too much on your child's plate. Here is how you can better organize your child's schedule to get everything done.

how to get your child ahead in school

Discover the Importance of Covering Materials Before it Is Taught in the Classroom

Why is it good to teach your child what they learn in school in advance? Many parents don't want to overwhelm their child. They're also afraid of their child becoming bored or lazy in class because they already know it. But you don't have to worry. Here is how and why your child should get ahead.

bad reactions

3 Toddler Disciplining Mistakes to Avoid

Disciplining a toddler is always easier said then done. Whether they are tired or frustrated, there are many common mistakes that every parent makes. Here are 3 big mistakes to avoid and suggestions on how to properly discipline your toddler

what to do when your child throws a temper tantum

Temper Tantrums: How to Help Your Child Control Their Emotions

Terrible twos and toddler tantrums. What are parents supposed to do? Many parents feel overwhelmed especially first time parents when they are dealing with their child misbehaving. If you have a young one who likes to throw tantrums here are a few parenting tips on how to handle these outbursts.


Students Who Write More, Learn More

Why should your child practice their creative writing? What different types of writing are important for them? How do these different writing styles help your child learn? There are many connections between being a good writer and having better grades in school. Find out how your child can improve.

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4 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Your Toddler

Introducing your toddlers to reading can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But sometimes it can be hard. If your child is having a rough time with reading or learning to read they won't be able to enjoy it like they should. Here are some great tips on how to make reading fun for you toddler.

When children read more they learn more in unexpected ways

Read Even After the School Bell Rings

Should your child be reading outside of school? Yes! When children read for fun and not because it's assigned, it allows their mind to grow in many ways. Reading even helps your child with other classes like math, science, and social studies. Learn about all the ways reading helps your child grow.

She is Just as good as He is

Girls in STEM: Why You Need to Encourage Your Daughter to Pursue Math and Science

There is no denying the gender gap in STEM. But why is that we have an alarmingly small number of female scientist, mathematicians, and doctors? Here is why and how you should encourage your daughters, nieces and young girls to pursue math and science. Don't let the gender bias stop your daughter.

teach your child to give and take feedback

What Your Child Needs to Know Now for the Future

Every parent worries about their child's future especially with the changing job market. There are certain math and computer science skills students need now to compete with the future job market. Also, social skills such as being kind, caring and empathetic is just as important.

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