Social Emotional Learning at Math Genie

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how to ensure your child gets into the right school the right way

Legal Ways To Give Your Child An Edge For College Admissions

Legal ways to give you child an edge for College Admissions. Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged in U.S. College Entry Fraud. Dont go to Jail by cheating to get your child a college admission. College admission are cut throat. Invest In Your Child’s Education Early

student success starts now

How to Get Your Student into the National Honor Society

Parents can help their elementary school students get into college now. A big marker of student achievement that many college admissions notice is membership in the National Honor Society. Working to get into the NHS can start as early as elementary school. Find out how to help your student now.

dont be a lawnmower parent

From Helicopter to Lawnmower Parents

There's a new parenting trend that's harmful to child development. Lawnmower parents are parents that remove any obstacles before their child has a chance to face them. This builds toxic parent-child relationships where the child won't become self-reliant. Instead here are better parenting tips.

college readiness in elementary school

College and Career Readiness in Elementary School

Elementary school is not too early to start thinking about college. Simple activities like talking about different careers and visiting a college community day has a big impact on long term student achievement. Learn more about how to make sure your child has the necessary college readiness skills.

prepare your child now for college

How to Prepare for College in Middle School

When should you start preparing your child for college? Middle school is an excellent time to start the college process. You can start with finding your child's interests and focusing on them. Find out how to prepare your child for academic success and student achievement while they are young.

how will you know to ask for help

5 Things College Students Wish They Learned in Childhood

Ever think back and wonder what if you learned this sooner? So many college students and adults realize too late how many skills they are lacking. These skills are taught to children but often ignored. It is vital for you to teach your children these skills now, before it's too late for them too.

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