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How Sports and Academic Success go Hand in Hand

Growing up I remember juggling schoolwork and sports. Since a young age I played many sports.

Drawing can have positive effects on your child's overall well being

How Drawing Can Positively Affect Your Childs Overall Well-Being

As technology becomes more and more prominent in our daily lives, many people forget the power that simple activities such as drawing can have on a child.

raise your childs self-esteem using praise when they do well, positive words, continuous encouragement, and unconditional love

How To Raise your Child’s Self Esteem

Imagine a day where your child returns home from school, shoulders slightly slumped, head down, and you as a parent are at a loss on what to do?

5 Ways We Motivate Kids At Math Genie

As a parent, I’m sure you understand the importance of motivating your child.

10 Steps To Make Your Child Self-Reliant

Ah your child is starting to grow up. This is a big thing for the parents & the billions of questions that may be running through your mind. What do I do?

How Early Childhood Math Skills Impact Brain Development

We all know the importance of math, did you know the math skills that you learn early on in life directly go hand in hand with your brain development?

Using an Abacus Can Improve Your Child’s Memory and Math Skills

Has your children been struggling with math? They learn new concepts such as multiplication, but seem to forget everything they have learned the next day?

Sometimes letting your child lose can be more beneficial to them than letting them win.

Can Letting Your Kids Always Win Do More Harm Then Good?

We’ve all grown up playing many different games as kids, and eventually you grow to learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Math Genie teachers are focused on your childs needs to ensure they reach their highest potential

How To Be Prepared Before Being Placed in a Classroom Environment

Your first day entering a classroom environment brings much anticipation, excitement, and curiosity.


What is the Ideal Environment to Promote Learning and Success?

A classroom has to be constructed in a way that creates the perfect environment for learning.

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