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Math Genie students focusing on the fundamentals of literacy

The Importance Of Prioritizing Literacy

In the past fifteen years or so, there has been a huge push to get school-aged kids interested in STEM. The United States has a real issue with coming in second place for anything, so when it was reported that US...


Want to Get Your Kids Interested in Writing? Publish Their Work.

Most school-aged children find writing to be the most tedious task they could possibly do. For kids, writing requires too much planning, research, thought, and handwork to be worth the time. However, good writing...

Making Kids Smarter Through Reading

There are plenty of games, toys, and apps that claim to improve children’s intelligence. However, studies show that these gadgets actually do very little to improve a child’s cognitive ability (and can be quite ...

Is Praising Your Child really Beneficial for them?

Telling students that they’re smart is a mistake I make all the time. While most of us think that this sort of praise will encourage students to work harder and perform better, it actually has the opposite effect. 

What Is The Matthew Effect & Why It's Important

Third grade is the most important year for your child’s reading development. By this time, students should have learned all of the 

phonics, blending skills, and other tools necessary to read fluently and understand...

Learn how to make your child a better writer using these tips

How To Get Kids Interested In Writing

Good writing skills are a valuable tool to have in today’s changing global classroom. I love writing so much that I pursued it in both my undergraduate and graduate careers. However, writing is not the easiest thing...

Is Your Child Struggling with Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is one of the most important academic skills your child will learn in their lifetime. After second grade, students will spend most of their reading time learning to

Improve your childs reading comprehension by encouraging a daily reading schedule

Simple Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

      Each time we read a book, we are inferring, questioning, analyzing, and drawing conclusions in just a few minutes in order to understand the text. These practices seem second-nature to us as adults, but for...

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