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5 Ways to Handle a Defiant Child as We Return Back to In-Person School

As kids return back to in person school after a year, it might be a hard adjustment. When kids act out, use these tips to help. Enroll them in Math Genie!


Schools Are Not Testing Students and This is a Red Flag

Standardized testing has been replaced with shorter replacement exams like the NJ Start Strong test which doesn't thoroughly test what students know.


Child Writers Need an Audience to Improve Their Writing

Enroll your child in Math Genie's reading and writing program. Give them the chance to produce writing for an audience and they will improve rapidly!


Covid Learning Loss Is A Real Thing

Don't let your child fall victim to the Covid Slide, which will impact them now &indefinitely. Sign up for Math Genie to help your child find their genius.

april-writing-competition-winners- at- math-genie

April Writing Competition Winners at Math Genie

We recently had a writing competition for all our remote Reading/Writing students. Watch the video to see who won in each grade level!


Has Your Child Been Struggling With Covid Online Learning? We can help

Don't let your child fall victim to the Covid Slide. With education standards slipping & students losing focus, get them back on track before it's too late


6 Year Old Jack’s Journey at Math Genie

Math Genie promises things to us parents- kids will get better in math, develop their whole brain, improve focus & concentration, etc. Trust me, it's true.


Long Term Effects of Punishing Your Kids Too Much

A child who is always scolded may grow up to be indecisive, a people-pleaser, and afraid to express their true passion, fearful of not being good enough.


Addition and Subtraction on the Abacus

Introducing your child to math from an early age doesn't have to be difficult. As a teacher, my students constantly blow me away with their abacus abilities.


Raising Self-Confidence in Your Child

Rearing confident kids can sometimes feel like a challenge. Consider your compliments, push them and make them work, love their ideas&embrace their talent.

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