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Respect Your Child's "No"

It's important that your child always feels comfortable in social situations. They need to be able to trust themselves and respect their body.

Be Safe with Screen Time

Screens are unavoidable these days. However, the amount of time your child spends with screens can be harmful to their mental health and growth.

How Much is Too Much Extracurricular Activity

It's important to keep balance in your kid's activities and down time. Many kids get stressed and overwhelmed from an overloaded schedule. These 3 tips will help you keep a balance.

How to Teach Your Child Positive Thinking

It's important that your child can think positively in any situation. Positive thinking isn’t ignoring problems, but seeing them and feeling confident about solving them.

8 Ways to Teach Your Child about Money

Every child needs to learn about money management. Learning how to count money and make change is apart of NJ Common Core. But your child needs to know how money affects them before it's too late.

What is a Writing Prompt?

Writing skills are one of the most important skills in school and in life. Your child will start to learn more complex writing skills in 3rd grade and will get stronger as they advance in school. Learn the different types of writing styles for your child's grade level

How to Write A 7th Grade Level Essay

In seventh grade, writing prompts are more dynamic. There can be more than one right answer. Learning how to properly write an essay at this level is crucial.

How to Write A 6th Grade Level Essay

How to write a sixth grade level essay will be different from what your child has done so far. Learn the different styles of writing for sixth grade.

How to Write A 5th Grade Level Essay

The essay writing styles your child will learn in fifth grade will be more complex and challenging. Here are examples on how to answer narrative, persuasive, expository, and creative writing prompts

How to Write A 4th Grade Level Essay

There are now 4 different essay writing styles your child will learn in fourth grade. Here are examples on how to answer these writing prompts

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