Common Myths About Preschool

Posted by Tiara Swinson on March 27, 2019

what you need to know about preschoolWhether or not to send your child to preschool is one of the most common parenting debated. However, preschool may be part of your child’s life that can really make an impact on their development. You will find that there is a wide range of myths that surround preschool. Here are some of the most common preschool myths.

Preschool Does Not Work 

This has been shown to be wrong time and time again. The myth is the preschool education will not give the kids any advantage for school. However, parents can see that their children are forming the inquisitive mind that is needed to learn properly. Also, preschools tend to help teach writing, letter recognition, numbers, and counting. All of these skills are needed in kindergarten and beyond. If your child is already exposed to this in preschool when they see this later on it reinforces what they have already learned. 

There is No Need For Expanded Public Funding 

A common theme of opponents to the expansion of preschool funding is that the need is simply not present. While this may sound reasonable in some cases, you need to realize this is not the case in most places. The children in underdeveloped or economically challenged areas often do not have the access that is needed for early education. So the expansion of funding is going to help improve the access of these regions for the kids to attend preschool. 

The Impact Of Education Fades Quickly

Some people lobby that the impacts of preschool and the education the kids get early on in their life fades over time and does not have any major impact on the kids. However, studies that compared third-grade math scores in Oklahoma showed that the kids who did attend preschool tested higher on average compared to their classmates who did not attend preschool. 

While it is true that some studies showed some information did fade out over time. Yet, at the same time the study concluded the kids who did attend preschool had a lower grade retention rate, removing the need for special education classes, and several other benefits that overall improve your child's quality of education.

Middle Class Families Do Not Benefit From Preschool

A common myth is the lower income individuals are the only ones who benefit from preschool. However, the truth is all families from every background can benefit from preschool. The educational advantages far outweigh any societal background of the people who do send their children to preschool. 

Preschool is a great way to jumpstart your child’s education. However, you are going to find several different myths exist regarding preschool that should be dispelled. Once you have seen these myths busted up, it is easy for you to see preschool is quite a bit more valuable than what you imagined to help your kids education.


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