Creativity and Coding: Why Artistic Students Should Learn to Code

Posted by Tiara Swinson on March 02, 2019

Creativity and CodingWhen a child has artistic skill, people often develop certain conceptions about what that child might be good at. Children who like to read or draw are often considered to be highly creativity-oriented, and there are often misconceptions about what that child might be good at.

Many people don't think creative children can code, but it simply isn't true. Logic coding can help children unlock new forms of creativity, helping them express themselves on the computer while thinking outside the box to solve problems.

The Value of Coding For Creative Children

In the public opinion, coding is commonly perceived to be a highly logical and rigid practice created of inflexible computer languages and hard numbers. However, this misconception couldn't be farther from the truth.

When creative children learn how to code, they become creators in new, innovative ways. They develop the ability to create games, simulations, apps, and more. Coding gives children the tools to express their ideas and creativity in new ways, all the while building their confidence as creators and building valuable skills for the future.

Develop Problem-Solving Abilities With Coding

Even in children who don't go on to become computer programmers, coding is a valuable skill that can help them in their day-to-day life. Learning how to code teaches children logical reasoning and problem solving skills. As they learn to structure programs, it teaches them how to structure their ideas and break down other projects they have to tackle. A child who knows how to structure a program may have a better understanding of how to structure an essay.

While the process of coding is highly logic-oriented, the process of creativity is highly artistic, and the ability to fuse the two will serve children well as they grow up and move through the school system and into the workforce. Many employers find value in employees who can marry the logical side of work with the creative side, not getting too bogged down in either.

When children learn how to code, they're learning how to engage both hemispheres of their brain and are learning valuable skills to take them forward in life.

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