Does your Child Hate Kumon?

Posted by Mohit S. Jain on August 18, 2021

It's not your child's fault. Kumon isn't designed to be fun and engaging. Just look at the unhappy face in their logo. 


Your child hates Kumon for one of the following reasons:

  • Repetitive & mind-numbingly boring worksheets
  • Endless memorization 
  • Staff are high school students who grade and don’t teach
  • Teachers at Kumon check the work, while parents are left to teach them at home. 

As much as you don’t want to teach your own child, your child doesn't want to learn from you. It’s safe to say that amidst Covid, many parents now understand the struggle of being a parent and an effective teacher to their child.

Kumon was created in a different era in a different country. 

This is 2021 in America, where your American child cannot be forced to do anything they don't want to do. If you were not born in America, your parents’ parenting strategy likely won't work with your child. At best, they won't listen to you. At worst, you could be in real jeopardy with Child Protection Agency. 


What is the solution?

  • Your child needs a structured environment
  • Your child needs fun and engaging teachers who are genuinely passionate about their success.
  • Your child is growing up in the age of constant stimulation. Old-school rote memorization won’t work. They need to be consistently engaged and appropriately challenged. 
  • Don’t make them memorize facts like 2+2 = 4. They will rebel. With our abacus method, we teach them the tools to arrive at the solution in real-time without memorization. 
  • Your child should memorize times tables and formulas only.
  • The curriculum needs to be aligned with the school curriculum. Otherwise, motivating them to stay on task will be an uphill battle. 


How is Math Genie different from Kumon?

Teachers Teach so you Don't Have to

Our teachers teach. You are only responsible for making sure your child has done the homework and you should check its accuracy. Leave the teaching to us. 


There are No kids Teaching your Kid

All of our classes are taught by passionate and well-compensated educators.

We are not a franchise which means we don't pay expensive royalty to a global franchisor. This allows us to pay higher wages to our staff and you don't have high school students teaching your kids. We have collegiate professionals as teachers. 


Structured Classroom Environment

Your child will be enrolled in a classroom setting with 4-6 kids per teacher. We maintain a structured classroom environment and frequently audit for quality control.


Fun and Engaging Curriculum. Your child will love it. 

The curriculum is fun and engaging. The abacus is multisensory and feels like a game. Our curriculum is based on the latest school curriculum. Your child will be able to learn a grade-appropriate curriculum at Math Genie and relate to school. They will learn concepts with us before they learn it at school. We are constantly researching and testing new Learning Strategies. Our aim is for your child to progress with the least amount of effort possible. 

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Check out our success stories. 

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