Fifth Grade Writing Champion: Aarush

Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 07, 2018

Aarush Writing Conest Winner             These days, devices tend to push us further apart. The internet has a lot of benefits, but also disadvantages.

            The reason technology pushes us further apart is because on the internet ANYONE can look at what you have to say. That means is say something online, people can misinterpret it, and that can lead to friendships being broken, or maybe even the police can get involved. These feuds can lead to a lot of negativity. Some people may stat to dislike one another, or people may even hurt people’s feelings because of that.

            But there’s more. People may spend more time on video games or T.V. shows or youtube, than their real life. People can get addicted to such things, and they may go on and may not even realize anything else. People have actually lost lives due to this.

            In conclusion, the abundancy of gadgets pushes us further apart. We can lose friends or even lives to a simple smartphone. That is how dangerous the internet and all the gadgets are. That is of course if you aren’t careful.

Topics: Math Genie, Creative Writing, Student Achievement, Children Writing, Reading Genie

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