Foreign Languages are Your Child's Ticket to Success

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on August 15, 2018

    learning a  foreign language will open a world of possibilitiesDid you know that there are more than 350 different languages spoken in the United States? While you don’t have to teach your son or daughter to speak them all, raising a child that speaks at least two languages can offer many lasting benefits. Expose your child to a foreign language for a world full of awesome possibility. 

    Heightened Academic Performance

    Bilingual children often achieve more academic achievements than children who speak one language. Language is all about processing. For example, when you hear a new word, your brain must separate, breakdown and decipher the different sounds. Your child can use the same processing skills to evaluate and interpret numeric equations and other math concepts more easily. 

    Children who speak more than one language also tend to have expanded vocabularies, which is essential to reading comprehension. Being bilingual can also help a child achieve higher standardized test scores. 

    Improved Social Skills

    Language is much more than a vocabulary tool. Language is a window into another part of the world. When children learn a new language, they learn about the people, the history, and the culture. This level of exposure breeds a sense of cultural awareness and tolerance, even at a young age. 

    When introduced to new social situations where the other children may not look or sound the same, your son or daughter will have the social maturity to navigate the situation comfortably. As your child moves through life into adulthood, this awareness and tolerance will be incredibly valuable.

    Enhanced Creative Thinking Skills

    Spark a burst of creative energy in your child with foreign language. From a young age, a new language teaches a child to look beyond their world and expand their viewpoint. A new outlook can inadvertently foster creative thinking. 

    Bilingual children use this creativity to think and speak at a level of richness and color that other children their age can’t. Creative thinking skills can also improve a child’s problem-solving abilities, as creativity often encourages critical thinking. Excellent problem-solving skills can help your child in both their academic and social development.

    It’s never too early to teach your child a second language. In fact, by the age of 2, children often have the listening and pronunciation skills to start learning a new language. Remember, foreign language is a springboard to lifelong success. Make sure you set your child out on the right path. 



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