Fourth Grade Writing Champion: Grishmaa

Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 07, 2018

            Grishmaa Writing Contest WinnerI think that siblings are important. Without a sibling, I wouldn’t be able to imagine how my life would be. Sisters and brothers entertain you, are so weet and they are helpful in terms of memory.

            As I said, a little sibling entertains you. Imagine your life so dull and boring. But I feel like siblings will always be there to brighten your day. The cute things they do, do not just make your mood a little better but it gets you thinking about your old days. You remember how you used to do all the stuff that they do. It gives you joy thinking about these memories. The cute things they do like crawling and playing make you laugh and makes you want to get engaged with them. Not to be harsh but I love the way they ask for help. It makes me remember how we used to struggle like them.

            Second, the siblings are so sweet. They are always so loving. You can always tell them something bad that happened in your day. They will always say something that sounds like a joke but they actually mean it. For example, a few days ago I was joking around with my sister.

            I said, “Someone was making fun of me at school.”

            Then my little sister said, “ Invite them for a playdate and then I will lock them in a room and start hitting them.”

            I started to laugh. My sister was litteraly the most sweetest but craziest person in my house

            After that a few days later she said, “Why didn’t you invite your friends for a playdate so I could hit them?”

            I couldn’t believe that she still remembered that incident. I also couldn’t believe she actually thought it was true. Then, I had to confess that it wasn’t real. My sister looked so dissapointed.

            Lastly, little siblings help a lot in terms of memory. Sometimes I forget to take something to a school or class. When she sees that I didn’t pack something she always points it out to me.

            My mom always says,  “You are older and should be more responsible.”

            She has a point but my sister is younger than me so she should have better memory.

            My sister is really helpful. She saves my mom a lot of trips from the house to school. She also saves me from getting yelled by my teacher.

            In conclusion, I think everyone should be able to have at least one sibling in there life. They are entertaining, sweet and helpful in many cases. No matter how annoying a big or little sibling is, I hope no one would trade them for anything. Especially a cute little sister or brother.

Topics: Math Genie, Creative Writing, Student Achievement, Children Writing, Reading Genie

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