Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead this Summer

Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 15, 2018

Make sure your child is being enriched this summerSummer is approaching and you are probably wondering how this summer will affect your child’s education. You do not want your child to suffer from summer learning loss. However, it is equally dangerous to think that because your child was “already ahead” this year means they won’t fall behind next year. The Learning Loss affects enrichment students as well. If you do not allow your child to grow this summer they will inevitably fall behind. Don’t spend all year getting your child ahead just to lose that education over the summer to TV time, video games, and goofing off.

Get a Jump Start on Next Year

So how do you make the most of this summer?

  • First: You must decide your child to be more than ready for the upcoming school year. This seems obvious but understanding why the summer is such a crucial time for students makes a huge difference. When students are in school they all have access to the same resources and have the same responsibility toward their own education. Over the summer the resources and responsibility becomes much more individualized. The summer separates students who slack off and stay behind in the next year from the students who take advantage, continue to learn and grow, and get ahead of their peers.
  • Next: Your need to know where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. What did they have difficulty with this school year? If they are struggling in fractions or reading comprehension it will only get more difficult next year. It is very important to use the summer to fill in any gaps that your child has in school. This will give them more confidence once the new year starts and they will be ready to tackle all new problems. Additionally encourage their strengths. When parents and students work to learn more over the summer and become stronger in math and reading they will often be put into advanced classes in the coming years.
  • Last: You should be actively engaged in your child’s summer education. Enroll your child in a summer enrichment program. It is important to know what their interests are. If your child loves to read and write, putting them in a summer writing workshop will help keep their creative juices flowing. If your child loves math and computers, sign them up for a summer coding class.

Work an Play

With all this said, you must not forget that there should always be balance. All work and no play is just as dangerous as all play and no work. Learning to balance work and play allows young students to enjoy their summer academics. There are many ways to make math part of your everyday life.

Additionally, incorporating reading time can be educational and enjoyable. Starting a family reading group keeps everyone engaged and interested in reading comprehension. Also, having a family reading group allows your younger students the opportunity to discuss their ideas and learn to form complex thoughts. Just remember that continuing your student’s education inside and outside of school is vital for your child’s academic future.

Math Genie has been making sure students get ahead and stay ahead for 10 years. The students here have shown improvements such as going from over a year behind in school to being ahead in their class in 10 months. It is remarkable yet completely doable for any student. Our individualized programs, which are tailored to fit your child’s needs, allows your student to met and succeed any and all expectations.

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