Has Your Child Met the 2nd Grade Math Common Core Standards?

Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 09, 2019

has your child learned all of second grade math?Children working through school learn a tremendous amount every day. Every grade level sets the stage for what they'll learn in subsequent years, and a solid foundation ensures they're prepared for advanced schooling later in their academic career.

Because it's so important for children to have a strong grasp of mathematics at a young age, you might be worried about how you can ensure your child succeeds in school. What standards should your child be meeting to show they're learning what they need for school?

Math Common Core Standards for Second Grade

If your child is in second grade, here's what they need to know.

  • Represent and solve addition and subtraction problem: Your child should be developing a stronger grasp of addition and subtraction and should be able to solve both for numbers within 100. Students are also expected to learn how to add and subtract larger numbers in multiples of 10 or 100.
  • Learn the basics of equal-group multiplication: Your child should be able to use models to start understanding the concept of multiplication with groups of the same size.
  • Estimate and measure length in standard units: Your child will learn how to measure length and other form of measurement and should understand how smaller units factor into larger units, and how more of a smaller unit is necessary to cover a given length.
  • Perform math skills related to time and money: Second grade students are expected to have a stronger understanding of time and should be able to read a clock at the 15, 30, and 45 minute range. They should also understand how cents factor into a dollar and understand the value of different coinage.

Children should be developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills past what they learned in previous grades..

How Will Second Grade Common Core Skills Be Built Upon in Third Grade?

When your child finishes second grade, they will be expected to build upon the skills they've learned going into third grade. As a third grade student, your child will learn to do multiplication and division, solve problems with fractions, and develop their understanding of English to include the use of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, expand their use of abstract vocabulary, and more.

What Happens If Your Child Fails to Meet Common Core Standards?

Children struggling to master second-grade course material may struggle to pass their classes and are at risk of repeating the grade. If your child needs help to master the Common Core standards set for second graders, reach out to Math Genie, an after-school education program designed to help your child develop strong foundational skills so they can excel in school and the workforce. Our Summer Math Workshop will make sure your child has everything the need for third grade and beyond.

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