Has Your Child Met the 4th Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 07, 2019

    all the math of the 4th gradeAs your child moves through the grade levels, teachers continually introduce math concepts that build on prior knowledge. To ensure all students remain on track in learning these concepts, teachers and parents can rely on common core standards for guidance. These standards clearly breakdown the concepts your child should be learning by grade level.

    When you look at the 4th grade math common core standards for students in New Jersey, you can assess your child’s readiness for the next grade. You can then move forward in confidence or seek out the additional math help your child needs to succeed.

    Common Core Standards in Math for Fourth Grade

    The fourth grade common core standards revolve around these three areas:

    • Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division: In 4th grade, your child will learn to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. During these lessons, they will start to work with factors and multiples, learning to use them as tools for solving equations. They will also learn how to identify and analyze patterns that improve their ability to think algebraically.
    • Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Fractions: Fourth graders start to work on developing an understanding of fractions and how they relate to decimals. They will work on adding and subtracting fractions that have like denominators to start. They will then go on to multiplying fractions by whole numbers to understand the correct way to solve those equations.
    • Geometric Figures and Their Properties: Students start to develop a familiarity with the properties of geometric figures in fourth grade to prepare them for advanced math and geometry.  During these lessons, students will take an in depth look at shapes, learning how to classify them appropriately. They will also learn about the different types of angles and learn how to measure them.

    As your child works toward meeting these standards, they build confidence in working with larger numbers, fractions and geometric figures.

    How 5th Grade Math Will Build on the 4th Grade Standards

    The math foundations learned in fourth grade help prepare students to tackle advanced math topics. As they navigate these new concepts, they start to develop better critical thinking and problem solving skills. Their newfound confidence in working with larger numbers, fractions and geometric figures will assist in meeting the common core standards for fifth grade.

    In 5th grade math, students will tackle a variety of equations using fractions alone, including multiplication and division problems. They will also learn how to divide by double digit numbers and measure the volume of various three dimensional shapes.  

    Future Impact of Failing to Meet Common Core Standards

    If your child struggles to meet the 4th grade common core standards, subsequent math concepts will prove challenging to understand. You can set your child up for success by assessing their progress in meeting common core standards — and reaching out for help as needed. You can get support for your child by reaching out to our team at Math Genie. Our after school programs can help students get caught up in math and develop a strong understanding of tough math concepts.


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