Help Your Child's Reading Comprehension: How to Build a Diverse Vocabulary

Posted by Staff Writer on July 25, 2018

Reading Comprehension and VocabularyIn today’s classrooms, reading comprehension levels help teachers separate “passive” or unskilled readers from “active” or skilled readers. High levels of reading comprehension are reached when readers, students, or children ages 3 through 13 engage with books, textbooks, or online material. Children interact with what they’re reading, pushing them to a higher rate of understanding through an inner dialogue with themselves. 

Why is a Diverse Vocabulary Important for Children?

A diverse vocabulary is important for everyone, not just children. A larger, more diverse vocabulary increases understanding of world events, foreign languages, and reading materials we encounter in real life or online. A diverse vocabulary is required to decode political, scientific, or medical information, as well. Children with diverse vocabularies will naturally excel in many areas of life above those who don’t; by increasing your child’s reading comprehension and vocabulary, you are giving them a leg up.

How Can You Build Your Child’s Diverse Vocabulary?

You can increase your children’s reading comprehension and vocabulary by asking them questions when they’re reading and answering questions they ask. Encourage them to use context clues and inferences to figure out the plot and even guess what comes next. Always have a dictionary ready to look up unfamiliar words and even have them keep a notebook of new words and their definitions when they come across them while reading.

Math Genie's English Language Arts program also offers great opportunities to increase your child's vocabulary. Every child receives individualized attention and a personalized lesson plan as trained and qualified instructors work with strengths and build confidence. Your child will leave Math Genie with a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

What Can Your Child Gain from a Diverse Vocabulary?

Every child deserves to succeed and enjoy reading, no matter what the setting. With a diverse vocabulary, your child will gain:

To us, your child's success, happiness and confidence is priceless, and we’ll work every day to help your child achieve it.



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