Help Your Elementary School Student Succeed By Becoming Involved

Posted by John D'amico on January 04, 2017

Attending parent teacher conferences and back to school night is crucial to your children and their development throughout school. They allow you to connect with the teacher on a level without children present and understand how at home you can help them succeed. The website Kids Health has an article listing 10 ways that parents of elementary school students can help their child do well in school. A lot of the pieces of advice actually have to do with parents getting more directly involved with their child’s schooling. But this one, in particular, is interesting. Most of us probably remember our parents going to these when we were in school. And most of us probably didn’t think much of it.

Some good reasons on how attending these things as a parent begin with it can help your child become prepared for the school year and let you know what kind of work you and your child should be expecting.

On top of visiting the school to speak with their children’s teachers they should become familiar with the school itself, they should also become familiar with the schools website to understand closing and other important information. It can help parents learn about any upcoming events they or their child might be interested in. I could see this being one that not as many parents may think of on their own considering this wasn’t as much of an option back when they were in school.

Organization skills are important to be taught to young children and parents have the ability to help them with it. Simply making sure they have everything they need is going to help them but it is not going to teach them. Help them understand what it means to have everything together in the right places, including having homework finished, projects completed and all school supplies needed for the day in their bags. An example to help a child know organization is to have a special bin like my parents did to put graded assignments. It is also good to help them make a to-do list of everything they need to do each day.

Parents should also become more directly involved by volunteering at their kid’s school. This can help if you have the availability in their schedule. Among other things, you can volunteer to chaperone field trips, help organize class parties and fundraising events or go to school board meetings. A the end of the day, school is one of the most important things currently going on in your child’s life. And there’s plenty of different ways you



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