How Math Genie Helps Struggling and Learning-Disabled Students

Posted by Math Genie Staff on March 23, 2021



Math Genie is involved with the community it serves by helping struggling and learning-disabled students achieve breakthroughs. Jennifer, 7, was severely learning-disabled. Her mother saw no progress in the special-needs classroom in the public schools or at Huntington Learning Center, where she had taken her daughter for help.


Seeing her frustration, another parent suggested she take Jennifer to Math Genie. In just two weeks Jennifer learned to add and subtract. Over time, she applied her Math Genie skills to her other subjects. Jennifer made so much progress that in the next six months she was moved to the mainstream classroom. 



Another Math Genie student, Patrick 7, was diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), a condition in which individuals are unable to communicate normally or socially interact with others in a normal manner. His public school put Patrick in a special-needs class. Then his mother enrolled him in Math Genie. Over time, our teachers were able to coax Patrick into normal interactions. He began talking to others and interacting normally with our students and teachers. Twelve months into Math Genie, Patrick was moved to a mainstream classroom in his public school because he had gained so much confidence in his studies that he was functioning at the fourth-grade level while still being in the second grade.


Providing Scholarships 

Math Genie also assists low-income and economically disadvantaged children in the community by granting them scholarships. In 2012, Math Genie awarded scholarships worth about $8,000 and waived tuition for those experiencing financial hardships.


Stepping-Stone for Local College Graduates 

We provide a stepping-stone and a solid foundation for people in the community who want to be teachers.  Most education majors are struggling to find teaching jobs because of budget cuts to local schools. We recruit our teachers from Rutgers, the local university. After going through our training, these teachers, who are still earning their degrees, graduate with skills learned at Math Genie that puts them in high demand. Many of them get jobs right after graduation, while other education majors are having a hard time finding jobs.

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-The Math Genie team

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