How Sports and Academic Success go Hand in Hand

Posted by Madhuri Ray on November 22, 2016

Math Genie can help your child succeed academically and competitively in other areas such as sports!Growing up I remember juggling schoolwork and sports. Since a young age I played many sports ranging from basketball, to soccer, until I ultimately found my love and passion for tennis. I will never forget how grueling tennis season was at first, but over time I grew to love it. Now looking back at all of those years, I realize how much playing a sport truly benefited me and made me the person that I am today. While it’s evident that playing a sport is very good for one’s health, promoting exercise and increased blood flow, I believe that many people are unaware of the larger impacts it has.

If someone told you sports and academic success go hand in hand you might shake your head in disagreement. While it might seem preposterous, let me explain to why it’s not. When children play a sport they have to learn time management from a young age. They realize that they are responsible for their schoolwork as well as the sport they are playing. Sports teach children to manage their time more affectively so everything is done. I personally did better in school during tennis season compared to when I didn’t have tennis. The reason for this was that, when I had tennis I knew I had designated games, and practices at certain times. Based upon that I would plan out my schoolwork and understand what I needed to do, and by when. Juggling sports and my academics ended up causing me to perform better in both, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Believe it or not Math Genie has also played a role in shaping a child’s sports abilities. In Sports you are required to always remain calm and composed, although you might want to let your emotions get the best of you, you simply cant. Winning a game is all about strategy and visualization. I’m sure you have heard that math and sports are both more mental than physical. Sports strengthen your mind as much as they are strengthening your body and muscles. In that aspect, Math Genie is quite simple. The whole mission of our program is to strengthen a child’s mental math skills. Mental math’s is a skill set that is developed by creating more synapses in the brain and strengthening one’s overall memory and focus. Our method is a multi sensory approach that truly helps those that are kinesthetic learners. One of our very own students, Michael came into our program after facing some set backs in school. He was having trouble in math class so his father enrolled him in Math Genie, as his math scores improved so did his performance in Tae Kwon Do. That’s where the real magic happened. M ichael started winning competitions left and right. His Sensei was surprised. He remarked that Michael can anticipate his opponent's moves better. His pattern recognition has improved so much that he can sense his opponent's moves beforehand. "Its all because of Math Genie." says Keith the proud father. "Michael was struggling in initially because he is an kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners have trouble with traditional learning because they learn best by touch and feel." says Mohit S. Jain. Co-Founder of Math Genie.  To read his full story click here.

 Not only that, but after speaking to a couple of our student’s parents at Math Genie I received some more reviews in regards to how sports correlated to their success at Math Genie and in School. One of our student’s fathers provided me with a unique response and told me that his son, played soccer and swam competitively. He used his performance at Math Genie as a means of motivation for his son to allow him to play sports. This was another interesting way to view things.

It is important to create balance in your child’s life, so I highly agree with incorporating sports into your child’s lifestyle is extremely important. I also highly recommend that this should also be coupled with a supplementary program such as Math Genie, so your child receives double the benefits and succeeds inside the academic world and outside of it!


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