How to Avoid Becoming a Parent who Cheats on College Admissions

Posted by Tiara Swinson on March 15, 2019

what are you really doing for your childs educationIn the wake of the alarming scandal of parents paying to get their children into elite colleges, we have to ask ourselves several questions.

How does this affect the kids involved?

The information available so far shows no evidence that any of the students knew their parents had cheated them into college. The news they did not earn their placement on their own must have come as a huge blow to their confidence. How would you feel if you were to learn you did not earn your place at the college you attended? I imagine it would be emotionally devastating. And if some of them did know? I can't imagine how incapable a young person would feel to know they have no chance of forging their way in the world without mom and dad's money bags. The actions of these parents and the organization known as The Key were clearly illegal but these parents also cheated their own kids out of the opportunity to earn their own way into college in addition to cheating other students who worked hard and deserved the spots that were stolen.

Is there a better way to help your kids get into top colleges?

Was it wrong of these parents to want their kids to get into great colleges? Absolutely not. But they waited too long to help their kids. Their kids needed a solid education from a young age, not a parent so desperate they restored to illegal scheming. There are other ways to ensure that your child gets into a top college. Prepared parents don't need to resort to cheating. Every parent has the same number of years to teach their children to work hard and to get them academic enrichment so that they can achieve their potential. Not only is preparing your children early a good moral and legal option, but it is also a lot less expensive than the 1.2 million that it cost one of the parents who is facing extortion charges for buying their kid's admission into Yale. 

When should parents start preparing their children to get into these choice colleges without needing to cheat their way in?

Now! No matter how old your child is there are things you can do to ensure they will be ready to get into the college of their choice when the time comes.  Start with the basics when they are young, provide plenty of love, a healthy diet, and lots and physical movement as these are all things that help the brain grow. Of course, the act of learning itself takes brain growth and development to the next level. Many children are not challenged to their full potential inside the classroom. 

If you live here in New Jersey and have a child between the ages of 3 and 13 you can transform their future with Math Genie. Math Genie is an after-school enrichment program which gets students into the New York City and Johns Hopkins University Gifted and Talented programs. Those students get into great colleges without their parents resorting to bribery.  Students of Math Genie earn also earn numerous awards. Math Genie makes learning fun and offers enrichment in Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Common Core Math, Abacus Math, and Computer Coding.

You simply can't wait until your child is finishing high school if you want them to rise to their full potential. You have to give their brain the food it needs now, and the most important food for the brain is the act of learning. Enroll in the nearest Math Genie location now and watch them earn their own amazing future.

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