How To Be Prepared Before Being Placed in a Classroom Environment

Posted by Madhuri Ray on November 07, 2016

How To Be Prepared Before Being Placed in a Classroom Environment

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Your first day entering a classroom environment brings much anticipation, excitement, and curiosity. It is important to keep some important tips in mind before approaching the much-anticipated first day. Being prepared to enter a classroom environment is one of the most important factors in shaping your days in the actual classroom. So then comes the ever so pressing question, how can one prepare themselves for the oncoming days? How can one be ready for the classroom environment?


Confidence is key. You have to internalize that you are a leader. As a teacher you have a responsibility and obligation to come into your classroom and become an authority figure. There are many ways to do this. Leading by example is one of the most important ones. Whatever you say must be reflected in your actions. When you hold such high expectations for yourself and your students, you are ultimately setting yourself up for a great experience.


From the very first day of entering a classroom you must have a list of expectations and rules that you have. This pre created list will make it a lot easier for you to function when it actually comes time to run a class. Rules are important because not only are they there for a reason, but also they are created to make your life a lot easier and your class go smoother. Rules must be structured in a way that if they are broken there are repercussions, whether it be taking away a reward, but the goal of this is to make your students understand that rules are not meant to be broken. 


I cannot stress how many times teacher’s come into a class with their rules and expectations established but when they enter a classroom it’s as if all those expectations go right out the window. You must be consistent when dealing with your students. That means if you say something you must do it. If you don’t your students will pick up on that. You have to show that you mean business. It is important to understand that the rules apply to everyone and there are no special circumstances. Granted there are emergency situations but try not to make a habit of this. For example, if you establish a rule that your students may only leave your classroom once per class, that is the rule and you must stick to it, if you begin to provide a leeway around this your students will pick up on that and not respect your authority or even worse they will not believe you when you say something to them.


You are in charge of your classroom. Do not let anyone walk all over you. When you walk into that room you need to understand that all of the students in that class are looking up to you to ultimately guide them in the right direction. You are the lion. If you come into a classroom with a high level of authority and confidence, your students will immediately look up to you and respect you.

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