How to Increase Reading Comprehension for all Ages

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on December 13, 2018

    how do you improve reading comprehension in middle schoolLearning is about so much more than memory. Education is also about comprehending information. As your child advances toward middle school and beyond, the practice of reading about a subject and then writing about it is an excellent way to keep your child aligned with this goal. 


    It is difficult for a lot of student to fully recall the information they have read. Beyond basic restating information, students, starting as young as 2nd grade, are expected to understand and expand on the ideas they've read about. Reading about a topic and then writing about it is an excellent idea to enhance your child's understanding of that particular topic. Additionally, this practice will improve your child's overall retention and comprehension abilities. 

    While writing, your child will gain a different level of insight about the subject matter as they have the opportunity to present the information they have read with their own personality and perspective. This skill is also great for becoming a more critical thinker. 

    Communication Skills

    Exceptional communication skills are essential while your child is in school and more so once they begin their life as an adult. Writing often is an excellent way to improve your child's communication skills. 

    When your child writes about a subject, they won’t be able to simply recite word-for-word what they’ve read. Your child will have to express the information in a way that both they and their audience can understand. 

    As your child improves their communication skills through writing, you will also begin to notice an improvement in their verbal communication. Children who can communicate well are often better students and have higher levels of self confidence.

    Eliminate Weaknesses

    Encouraging your child to write about what they’ve read often is an excellent way to spot any weakness with comprehension your child might have. When your child writes about a subject,  they express their own understanding or lack there of. With this tool, you will be able to more accurately pin point what your child is not understanding about their reading.  On the other hand, if your child is given a multiple choice reading comprehension check, they can guess the right answer without fully understanding what they have read. 


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