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How to Make Your Child Enjoy Math

Posted by Madhuri Ray on November 07, 2016

Do you often times feel yourself in a tug of war with your child when it comes to anything that is math related? Whether it be your child performing poorly in school, or them simply pushing off anything that relates to math, it has left you scratching your head and wondering what to do next. Math is one of the most important basic building blocks of education that is used all through out life. So if you find yourself in a constant battle with your child trying to make them focus and do their math homework, or you just cannot seem to understand where there exuberance for math went, this article is for you!

When dealing with math there are some key things to keep in mind. No child immediately begins to hate something, it is when that they find that they are struggling with it or challenged by it, that they slowly begin to react. Childhood math is the most important math one will learn in their life. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all kmake children enjoy math.pngey building blocks for different types of math that will be used in life. So for the purpose of this article we will focus on early math and ways to make your child enjoy math from a young age.

As parents you have to understand that children’s brains are wired in a way that is different from yours. Children are filled with an avid imagination and a raw enthusiasm and excitement to learn new things. This curiosity is ultimately what fuels their success. So if you’re ready to make your child love math again here are some tips! 

  1. Make Math REAL

The best way to approach math with your child is to show them how they use math on a daily basis. Making math applicable in your daily lives is not that hard. This makes math more approachable for your child. Ask your child to tell you the time, and relate that to math. When you are at the grocery store ask your child to put five oranges in your cart. This forces them to use math in a way that is a hands on experience for them. When you allow your child to have a snack like m&ms or pretzels ask them to split them equally with you. Simple activities like this will allow your child to see the importance and value of math. This will teach them that math isn’t just adding and subtracting numbers on a page but an important life skill. Allow your child to count money when paying for your food. Make math REAL.

  1. Make Math FUN

Often times children are taught concepts such as addition, subtraction, multipication, division, odd and even numbers, world problems in ways that are very boring. One way to make it fun is paint a visual picture for your child. Let them draw shapes and then count those. Allow them to learn the difference odd and even numbers by using objects and showing them what a pair is. Teach your child to become a visual thinker. At math genie our math is taught on an abacus basis that truly allows your child to become better at understanding math and solving mental math problems at the speed of light. To learn more about the abacus method click here

  1. DON’T Get Discouraged

You have to remember that everything comes with time. If you had trouble with math and have distaste for it, don’t project that on your child. Always keep a positive attitude, and remind your child that they can do it. All it takes is some practice. Don’t speak of math negatively and always retain a positive attitude and remind your child that they can do it. This will fuel their confidence and make them more likely to want to do well and enjoy math. 

  1. PLAY Math Games

If there’s one things kids love, its games. Math Games are an essential part of teaching your child math. In your child’s head, games mean fun. Regardless of what type of game it might be, when children think games they are more likely to be excited and want to participate. There are many games you can play with your child ranging from counting by 2’s or having speed races to finish problem. Always remember to reward/positively reinforce your child when they do well. At Math Genie we incorporate many fun challenging math games into our curriculum that truly make children eager about our program.

I hope these tips helped! If you want to truly help your child love math again and regain their confidence in themselves and their math skills, you are one call away from getting your child back on track! Call us today at Math Genie to schedule your free assessment. We will work with your child to help them reach their full potential.

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