I Wish I had Math Genie as a Child. Here’s why.

    Posted by Miguel Regueiro on March 24, 2021


    miguel-if-i-had-math-genie-as-a-childBy Mr. Miguel

    When a child starts out in school, they hold infinite possibilities and endless ambitions. As they begin to age and they are faced with the realities of the cruel, mean world, barriers are put up, and their possibilities are reduced until they are finally boxed in. Often, they are then encouraged by adults to take a certain degree or professional path.  

    If I had Math Genie as a child, I wouldn’t have gotten labeled. As students grow up and move through elementary school, middle school, and high school, they get labeled at some point or another. They can get labeled by their teachers, parents, or friends. All the external influences and the repetitive ideas they are exposed to every day take a toll on them, whether they realize or not. People around the child make them believe they should be a certain way.

    Maybe it’s because they failed math in 5th grade, so now teachers or parents think that this individual will be terrible at math forever. It could be that this student is very quiet in class and they don’t enjoy participating. Being “bad at math,” “shy in class,” or “not good at writing” are some labels that kids receive sooner or later.

    A student isn’t bad at math because he/she failed it in the 5th-grade. They probably failed because they never got the help they needed when they were struggling to grasp 4th-grade level math. They don’t participate in class because they don’t have the confidence in their knowledge that they need to raise their hand. They don’t like writing because they were never told to practice and aren’t encouraged to read or write at home. 


    Struggling Students

    No student is a “struggling student” at Math Genie because they all receive the individual attention and help that they need to overcome the obstacles that are put in their way. Learning capacity is in no way pre-programmed and your child’s success should not be misguided by incorrect assumptions from teachers, family, or peers. When kids are very young and we ask them what they want to be when they grow up, we often receive elaborate and imaginative responses ranging from an astronaut, to a doctor, to a writer, and so on. This ambition is shaved off as time goes by and obstacles are harder to overcome.  

    I believe that with Math Genie, kids are always capable of it all. Not only does Math Genie enhance the foundational skills of math, reading, writing, and/or coding. At Math Genie, kids have inculcated a series of habits that will be essential as they grow up. Kids are taught to be confident with their answers at school. As they spend some time in the program, their grades improve, and with that follows a skyrocketing sense of self-confidence. 

    I had one student mention how school felt like practice for Math Genie. Math Genie creates excellent study habits for children and even encourages parents to go through schoolwork with them. Math Genie is the perfect tool to set up your child for success. Let your child achieve it all. Give them the chance to embrace the genius within them. 


    Sign up for a free class and assessment today at Math Genie. We are confident that you and your child will love it.

    -The Math Genie team


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