If I had Math Genie Growing Up...

Posted by Math Genie Staff on March 03, 2021


By Ms. Erin

kids-code-101Growing up my after school activities consisted of dance and cheerleading. Guess what I don’t do now as an adult? You guessed it, dancing and cheering. No one cares if I can do a graceful pas de bourrée in ballet or hit that clean back-handspring. What do I do as an adult you may ask? I use math and coding skills creating dashboards, measuring analytics, and teaching math to students of all ages here at Math Genie.

If I had Math Genie as a child I truly believe that the sky would have been the limit for me. Without it, I was an honors student and always got by through grade school with no issues at all while graduating at the top of my class. When it came to college, I was smacked in the face when it came to math. Why such a difference? I was terrible at simple math. With Math Genie’s abacus method, I would have breezed through my calculus classes. Without it, every problem was such a process for me to solve, so I quickly changed majors to avoid math at all costs.

Today I am a project manager for a software development company and I also teach math classes here at Math Genie. Though, it took me multiple years after college to find this path. I didn’t find my passion for the world of Code as a child because resources like Math Genie were not available to me. With Math Genie, I would have mastered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at such a young age.  As solid of a foundation I have now, I would have retained so much more as a child and walked out of college with a degree in computer science. This would have given me many employment opportunities right off the bat. Instead, I received my B.A. in psychology and had to work even harder to receive additional certifications to achieve my goals.

If you are even considering enrolling your child in Math Genie classes, believe me, it is the right move. Our coding classes teach real industry standard skills and abacus math teaches mental math that exercises the brain daily. I have a 1.5 year old today and am counting down the days until I can get him going on the abacus at Math Genie!


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