If I had Math Genie Growing Up

Posted by Math Genie Staff on February 15, 2021

By Mr. Sam


I love to read and write, and both activities help me begin to make some sense of this layered world we live in. They are invaluable to me, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered both as passions in high school.

I do wish, however, that I’d found them earlier.

If I’d taken a writing or reading course at Math Genie when I was in elementary school, I am confident their teachers would have fostered in me a greater appreciation for the written word. Stories transport us, allow us to escape, but they also equip us with knowledge, and help us confront difficult realities.

As we read more, write more, and become better learners, we give ourselves the power to grow from within. This helps us change the world for the better. Math Genie aims to nurture this process- to plant in its students the seeds of growth so they can learn to empower themselves. 


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