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How is Social Media Impacting your Child?

Posted by Christine Frederick on October 10, 2016

        As Smartphone’s and the access to internet becomes more common the use of social media continues to rise greatly. Social Media websites are known as any particular website that allows the use of social interaction. Examples are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. It is enforced that parents become aware of the environment of these social media sites because not all of them are a healthy place for children and young teens to be. Social media use by tweens and teens can be beneficial while also detrimental to them socially. A great part of children in this generation’s social and emotional growth have been developing through these varying social channels 

        The main benefit coming from the use of social media is the ability it allows them to stay connected with friends and family and also the allowance of sharing pictures and ideas. While there are some benefits to using social media there is a much greater risk that is created because of them. There are a few categories these risks fall into. They are known as; peer-to-peer, inappropriate content, lack of understanding of privacy issues, and outside influences from their party advertising.

        Cyber bullying and online harassment two commonly interchangeable terms are the most prominent in the risks dealing with social media use. Cyber bulling commonly known is using social media to deliver incorrect, embarrassing or harsh information about someone that is not you. After that becomes the availability to send explicit messages or photographs. This becomes an issue because it allows the receiving person to do with it as they please. Commonly in schools it becomes a part of a mass distribution creating humiliation for the child. Lastly there is a term described as Facebook depression. This is depression that comes from spending large amounts of time on social media sites, causing them to become at risk for social seclusion. 

        All of these risks coming from different social media outlets are critical. It becomes important for parents to find ways to monitor their children’s use. Some suggestions on how to monitor social media use as a parent would be: having access to their passwords, being friends with them on Facebook to see their interactions, as well as just creating accounts on all of the same social channels and being connected with them.



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