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Jay Leno Gives Advice About Being Dyslexic

Posted by Christine Frederick on September 19, 2016

       A call from Jay Leno sparks excitement in a young boy named Aidan’s mind. A call not entirely to surprise brings recognition to Aidan’s project. His project has consisted of compiling letters to other Dyslexic students asking for advice wondering how others were successful with the same condition. Dyslexia is a neurological condition that disrupts ones ability to read, often hurting performance in school.

       A project that he had started after receiving disappointing grades in the 9th grade has helped Aidan. After writing to over one hundred successful dyslexics only ten responded. Each letter does not deny the challenges that will arise but shows a perspective that can only be gained over time. Everyone is born with having different strengths and weaknesses. Having to learn to deal with both is an important part to everyone’s life.

     Jay Leno is trying to teach Aidan that he is the “driver’s seat of his life..” He can determine if he wants to listen or ignore any guidance that is being offered to them. Aidan has not discovered that there was a secret to being successful but he has found that with determination and grit anything is possible. Although not successfully finding the perfect answer to his questions he learned helpful insights, helping him along the way.



Topics: Math, School, Reading, Writing, Common Core, Mental Math

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