June 27th Math Contest Winners

Posted by Cassandra Sanchez on June 29, 2020

Hello Parents!

We hope you enjoyed the contest, this time held in an interactive game show format using Kahoot. Students had to answer 70 multiple choice questions, each question timed. Students earned points for answering the questions correctly as well as answering them quickly, making for a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Here are our winners:

Pre-K Through Grade 2

Winner: Prisha C.

Second Place: Aanya N.

Third Place: Linga N.

Grade 3-4

Winner: Rishabh S.

Second Place: Adam S.

Third Place: Nikhil G.


Grade 5+

Winner: Justin T.

Second Place: Rishona A.

Third Place: Surya B.


Congratulations to the winners!

Topics: Math Contest, online contests

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