May 16th Math Contest Winners!

Posted by Cassandra Sanchez on May 18, 2020

Hello Parents,

We are pleased to announce the winners of Saturday’s competition. Over 150 students signed up and were divided into five groups. 

Students were given three different groups of questions: a set of word problems, a chart or graph, and some geometric based, all depending on the student’s grade level.

Pre-K through Kindergarten: Samanvay Krishnamoorthy and Nicholas Yan (100%)

Grade 1: Harshika Santhimurthy (100%)

Grades 2-3: Meghana Indupuru (96%)

Grades 4-5: Vibhor Kumar (96%)

Grades 6-8:  Justin Trivino (94%)

While winning is enjoyable, all of our competitors have reason to be proud as they stepped outside of their comfort zone and participated in an event. 

We look forward to seeing you all at our next online competitions. We will be posting the competition schedule for now through June shortly.

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