Math Genie Writing Competition April 2021

Posted by Susie Pinon on February 27, 2021

Attention all Math Genie parents and students! 


As many of you remember, we hosted a writing and math competition over the summer. By popular demand, we want to bring the competitions back. This time around, they will be hosted during your child's one or two hour reading class. The teacher will share the prompt on the screen and the children will have 30-40 minutes to write their hearts out. All students must arrive on time to class so the teacher can present the prompt and grading rubric to everyone. 

Students will type their responses in Goformative and log in as a guest. After class their essays will be reviewed by a group of teachers to determine the winner for each grade level. Levels will be broken up as such:

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-4

Grades 5+

The prompts may vary based on grade level.



Participating in the writing competition is not mandatory, but we think your child will want to join the fun! The first place winner of each grade level will win a trophy with their name engraved into it. 

We are so excited to host this competition for our students and plan on hosting more in the future!

A week before the competition, we will send a Google Form to all parents enrolled to get an estimated RSVP. We will also remind you about the competition in the parent feedback box and include a notice on the Parent Portal. We have already linked this blog post to the parent newsletter.

Want to RSVP early? Fill out the Google Form here.

Write on!

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-The Math Genie Team

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