Math Genie’s Halloween Contest Winners in North Brunswick!

Posted by Sarah Rutzler on November 03, 2017

From October 24th-31st, Math Genie students of North Brunswick were given the opportunity to dress up in their best costumes for Math Genie’s Halloween Costume Contest. Rachit won 1st place, Sebastian won 2nd place, and Artharva took 3rd place.

1st. Rachit: Policeman                                                                        2nd. Sebastian: Astronaut

North Brunswick 1st place winner.jpg                                              North Brunswick Math Genie 2nd place winner.jpg

                                                                      3rd. Artharva: Lego boy

                                                         North Brunswick Math Genie 3rd place winner.jpg   


We want to thank all of the children who participated in the contest. Your costumes were amazing! We hope to see everyone dressed up next year.


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