Online Creative Writing Race Winners

Posted by Cassandra Sanchez on June 22, 2020

Hello Parents,

We are pleased to announce the winners of this weekend’s writing contest.

Students of all grades were given 30 minutes to write a story inspired by the same image.


Here are our winners:

Pre-K to Kindergarten


Winner: Sevina Desai

The dog

There was a dog and he was on a log reching for some water. And then he went back on the log and took a view around him, Then he jumped off the log and ran to the other side. And climbed up the mountain and pretended he was a king and went down and went back to the log. And got some more water. 


Grade One

Winner: Prisha Chatterjee

One day a dog was walking from the house and he was sad because his mom scolded him. He kept walking and walking and went too far away. Suddenly he realized that he was in front of the lake. The lake was so beautiful with clear blue water. Around there was a green mountain with patches of white rocks. The dog was overjoyed to see a natural beauty like this. He was thinking how to go to the other side. Suddenly, he thought he could swim. But he was too scared of the cold water. He also thought if he could walk over the mountain. He couldn’t decide. So he started walking back home and ask his mom for help. In summary he had a wonderful day out.


Grade Two

Winner: Krishiv Khandewal

One day a dog lost is home home and got in the woods. Then in a few hours he found a amazing lake and stood on top of a truck, it was the most amazing place he got to and he dicited to there. After a few a few day the dog’s owner went out to check where his dog went. He thought he got hurt on his paw by a spikey branch or fell in the lake and tried to get up! He thought of a lot of horrible things that happened to his dog and finally he reached the lake and he was very much thirsty and drank the water from the lake. Then suddenly he spotted his dog in the lake and got out and then played around the tree, and then the dog spotted the owner and ran quickly! The owner was so happy he finally found his dog and he didn’t get hurt!! Then he knew the dog wanted to stay where the river was, so the owner let him stay and owner went back to his home and the owner was happy.


Grade Three


Winner: Nikhil Gowda 

One day there was a lost dog and he had lost his owners for two years. Jacob the dog was in a long journey to find his owners. He had been going everywhere around New York where he had been lost, but Jacob still had no luck finding them. 

He had sneeked into restaurants to get some food. Jacob tried to remember how to go back to his house but he just doesn't remember where he had lived. All he sees are different places everyday. "Finally you stopped," a dog said in exhaustion. It was Ruli. She had always teased Jacob about everything. "How did you get here," said Jacob. "Well I kind of followed you here," she said. "What, why in the world did you you follow me here. "Well look over there."

Then suddenly Jacob couldn't believe his eyes. On the other side of the rocky mountains he saw his owners. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Ruli," Jacob yelled.   


Grade Four


Winner: Brody Chong

I didn't know why I first came here.  It was very tall and there was a cliff like legit right there next to me.  I didn't feel like i should me going near it because I don't want to fall with me very small legs that I can break easliy.  This is the story that I came here.  It started when I had a fmily that was mean, and I didn't have a favorite.  Even if I was sitting on a couch they'll yell at me for no reason.  That made me mad.  Also I didn't like the family because they had a cabin, that had no dog beds, so I had to sleep on the floor.  I couldn't sleep in anyday.  To be honest I wanted to be with myself, but with no people around me.  I didn't like humans, like when they yell at you and stuff.  I was like do you want that to happen to you?  Like what is wrong with you.  So I had a chance to finally have a life on my own.  Never mind I thought to myself, but it was to late.  I was all by myself with no food, no bed, and even no toys.  That bumped me off.  I am in the woods, thinking on what I should do next, and that was when I thought to go on a adventure by looking for another home!!  But that seemed dangerous, but who cares.  So I went on the woods found a snake to eat!  Dinner time!!  So I tried my best trying to make some moves but the snake was just to quick.  So I risked my life to go lightning speed and got the snake with one bite.  I felt proud of myself because I never fought against another animal.  This snake though was the best meal I had ever had because my nad family served me like some chips that I don't like. I was walking around bored and I had found this cliff.  It was really tall and really like bumpy.  I didn't like what was I going to do but I had to.  But I was going to try to risk me life and try to get the goat at the other side of the cliff.  I am smart to so I'll try to do my fancy moves like jump around and bark.  But this is really risky to do it.  So the got was looking at me like what was I doing?  Trying to kill me?  I was waiting until it was running at me.  So I just waited like hours until it finally ran at me.  I have been waiting and then I jumped over the goat and bit it at the body.  I did it!!  I don't think I can eat it so I just left it behind.  Ok, now I was ready to go on the log next to be and feel the water next to the cliff.  It was a great adventure.


Grade 5


Winner: Sanjana Suresh 

Going on a adventure is awesome. It is very exciting, but have you ever thought of what your pet feels like when you all are taking a trip. This story is about a dog named Toby, who travel to a wonderful place. He goes on many adventures and learns many new thing. Toby never went on a trip before so this was going to be amazing for him. Michal and Megan were his owner. It all started on June 16, 2021. 

     It was a hot, sunny day and Toby was playing in his backyard, whe  he heard a sudden call from Megan. She called him inside to tell him exciting news. They were moving. They were going to stay there. Toby started pancking, he thought that they were going to leave him. He started jumping up and down and running around. That was when Megan understood that he thought they were going to leave him all by themselves. "You are coming," She yelled. Toby stopped chewing the purle pillow and ran over to Megan. He felt much better to know that he was not going to be left alone. They were going to leave on June 19. 

Next morning he woke up to find himself in the car going to the airport. The airport was a big place for a dog he could get lost anywhere. Then his greatest fear came alive HE WAS LOST. He looked all around in confusion.  He started barking super loudly when he felt a tug on his colar. Michal had pulled to show that we were going and too stop barking. He had stopped barking and followed them. When they reached the plane, Toby got a comfy seat right next to Megan. They slept for an hour when the flight started to land. He looked outside the window to find beautiful mountains with white tops and a bunh of areas with a big, grassy field. 

When the flight and when they got out of the airport, they went to get a taxi. The taxi drove them to they'er newly bought house. It was beautiful. It had a big Living room, clean kitchen and 2 rooms. One room was for Toby and and Michal's work area. The other room was a bedroom where all of them would sleep. They went to their backyard and found a large green grassy field with a lot of space to play. On the edge of the field he found a river where there was a log. The river was facing towards the mountains. Toby jumped onto the log and looked at what his new life was going to be!


Grades 6-7


Winner: Tyler Chin

  One sunny day I was working in my job at work. I was showing my presentation to my boss, and he seemed interested about it. He asked me all kinds of questions and I answered them fluently. After the meeting, he told me to come to his office. "How would you like to get a promotion?" he asked. My heart was racing faster than Usain Bolt. A promotion? I couldn't believe it. I quickly answered "Yes" to the life-changing question. I learned that I would be making nearly three times the amount that I was getting right now. "With this kind of money, I can finally go to the place where I've always wanted to go!" I thought.

     Finally, we arrived at the National Park. I've always been told there were breathtaking views and lots of mountains to climb. I got out of the car, tired from the long trip from the airport. My dog, Bucky, jumped out from the back seat. I carried all the supplies we needed and we set off. We hiked from the start to all the way to where the mountain views were. I was not prepared for what I saw next. I took the last step up the mountain, and I braced myself. It was a beautiful landscape. Bucky, following next to me, jumped on top of a log facing the edge of the mountain. For a moment, we sat and watched the mountains, until Bucky lost his grip on the log.

     I saw him tumble down the mountain, watching me as he slid down. I looked a little further than him, and I saw a big drop coming his way. Fortunately, he grabbed onto a stick that was hanging off the edge. I had to save him because there was no other people. Stick by stick, I climbed down the mountain, hoping that I wouldn't lose my grip. The mountain was more slippery than a pool of water. I was about to grab him when my hands gave out. I fell further than him and grabbed onto the last stick until the big drop. If I let go, I was going to fall off like Ryan Cairnes. I pulled myself up and started to climb back up. I took a lot of breaks to reach Bucky again. At this point, he was howling and whimpering. I finally reached him and grabbed him. Now we were together again but this time, it was over a mountain. Holding him in my hand was a lot harder to climb up, but I eventually pulled myself up on the ground. Finally. It was safe. I set him down on the ground and lied down on the grass. I wanted to leave. I didn't want to put Bucky in that kind of danger again. It didn't matter where I was or if I loved the view. I got up and hiked back down to leave.

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