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PARCC a Necessity for Graduation?

Posted by Christine Frederick on August 08, 2016

    With the recent replacement of traditional standardized testing state Board of Education is issuing a relatively new controversial test called the PARCC Test. Through discussion of it being a more comprehensive exam talk about it becoming a necessity for graduation in the year 2021 is generating concern among young children’s parents. Even though there is a significant number of students who have not achieved passing grades the proposed actions of a graduation requirement are still being supported.

   While grades and the number of students taking the exam has increased from 2015 to 2016 there is still debate of whether or not this new exam is an accurate representation of what is being taught. Hoping that such an exam will be able to improve classroom instruction New Jersey Governor Christie stands behind this exam stating “There was a lot of hysteria as you all remember last year, people calling upon me to cancel the PARCC tests, not administer them anymore.” This statement talked about in a discussion to parents who are hesitant in agreeing to this new test. He talks about how he believes in time this test although scores are lower at the moment it will show a direct reflection of which students are ready to take on college.

    With the fear of having more young children drop out of school as a result of being required to pass this exam parents have developed protests in hopes of stopping this motion. Protests have included things such as written letters and speaking up in public hearings about the issue. There have been more then 4,000 signatures protesting against the requirement of passing grades for graduation. In protests parents have raised concerns of things such as it not reflecting proper class instruction. They also have brought up concepts about how teachers may begin to focus solely on preparation for the exam and not accurately adjusting classroom instruction. Another concern arises that the only alternative being to file an appeal using a work portfolio. Unsuccessful at the moment parents still continue to worry as their young children will eventually before forced behind as a result of not passing this exam. Education Commissioner David’s response to parents and their concerns that “If two or three years from now, the board and the commissioner are not comfortable, if we are not on the right track, then 2021 is a date that can be moved,” This reflecting on the idea that classroom instruction has not been concise enough to give the proper instruction to allow students to be on the right track.



Topics: PARCC, Reading, Math, Common Core

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