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Posted by Cassandra Sanchez on May 07, 2020

On Saturday, May 2nd Math Genie hosted our first online writing contest. Forty-five students participated, writing personal narratives in response to a prompt. The students were broken up into three groups based on their age. We’re glad to share the winners’ responses with you now.

Group 1: Pre-K through First Grade

In this age group we had a three way tie! Students were asked to tell about their best or most recent birthday with at least five sentences. They had 25 minutes to write and illustrate their work. 

Sevina, Kindergarten

When I had a birthday I had fun. Last year I got trophys for a prize. I had a very big party for myself and my sister. Then I got gifts from people. I felt so happy. I am have a surprise birthday I think. A surprise birthday is what I want for myself. 

Jaini, 1st Grade

My last birthday was the best becuse my friend came. I got make braclet and eat cake. I got to open presents, I got to do dance. I put princess around my cake. I love my birthday so much. It was the best day ever. I want next birthday to be to put princss over my cake and jewelry, play games, tag with my friends on my birthday. I want balloons to decorate my room. I want to bake cookies and make jello. I want unicorn dress, highlighter, gel crayons, scintist girl out of lego.

Harshika, 1st Grade

My favorite birthday is the 7th birthday. I’m going to have a unicorn cake in to a 7 and I even like it. and I like the glitter horn and the beatiful flowers like a hair for the unicorn and it’s going to be fun and I’m going to call my best friends in Zoon. We are going to make as a family. I’m going to make a white unicorn. It is going to be a chocolate cake with purple and pink flower. I wish all my friend will come. After the party is done I will tell thank you for coming and going to tell bye be safe. The party will be at evening. 

Group 2: Second and Third Grades

Students in this group were asked to tell about their best birthday with three or more paragraphs. They had forty-five minutes to write their responses. 

Angela, 3rd Grade

"BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"I yelled. I was home from school and was at my house eating muffins for snack.

"Angela baby, hurry up and finish, we need to go pick up your grandparents!" my mom called from upstairs. "Kay mom I'm almost done!"I yelled. As I finished my last muffin, my mom came downstairs wearing her Kenzo shirt and jeans with a Gucci belt. After she came down, her parents came down. Her father (Grandpa George), wearing his best suit and tie. Her mom (Grandma Gianna) was wearing a floral dress with a pearl necklace. "Wow! Why are you guys wearing such fancy things?"I asked."Because it's your birthday! Duh!" My grandma Gianna said."Right."I said. "Anyways let's go get grandma Julie and grandad Mike!"My mom yelled.

After we went to my grandparents' house, we drove off to rainforest cafe to have dinner. As we drove up, we had a rainstorm coming in. "It's raining cats and dogs!!" I said. "just like in the rainforest!" I ate : (Angela's/mine) grilled cheese with a cookie and grapes. It was delicious!


Group 3: Fourth Grade through Seventh Grade.

Students in this group had one hour  to write five or more paragraphs in response to this prompt: Tell me about a time when you helped out another person. How did you feel after?

Brody, Fourth Grade

Everyone has to have a time where you helped someone out.  Even if you don't you should try too.  But this is the story of the time I helped someone and it was actually really good!!

               One day I woke up when the sun shined on me like the sun hated me or something and that made me drag out of bed.  I hated going out of bed even if it is a school day.  I just didn't feel like coming out of the bed because it was so hard for me to get out for no reason.  I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with a blue toothbrush.  It was old and it was going to break soon.  The way I know is I can bend it back and fourth easily.  It feels so rusty and it smells weird for some reason.  It didn't feel good having a tooth brush like that!!  I went downstairs slowly because I was still so tired.  I can't even open my eyes.  I saw my sister and she looked like she was going to faint or something.  I didn't know what was going to happen but I think it was going to be bad.  I think she turned green and  she was going to throw up.  My mom and I rushed to get a bucket and a towel.  First of all, the bucket was for when she actually threw up. Second of all, the towel is for if she missed the bucket because the bucket is small and skinny.  Or if she was going to fill up the whole bucket (which I think wouldn't). 

             Good thing she didn't throw up.  My mom and I were so happy that she didn't because if she did it will be a huge mess.  I felt bad for my sister because if I was her I don't like the moment I was in.  I also hated when I feel like I was going to throw up because my stomach will hurt.  I was ready for school and I was this time really tired because I had to run like a mile (maybe not but still) to get the bucket and the towel with my mom.  I felt like being the Flash.  But, when I was at school I did the thing that I always do, step on peoples shoelaces.  But this time he fell on his head.  I think it was really painful but he was bleeding all over his head.  Even his hair was turning red and I didn't like the way he looked.  I think his emotions is going to change to happy and then all the way to sad or mad.  If it was mad I didn't want to become face to face with that guy.  I could get really hurt.

            I didn't know what to do or say but the only thing I said was,"Are you OK?" or "Can I get the nurse?"  He just nodded and right away I ran as fast as last time and then asked to help a boy that was injured outside.  The nurse and I went to get the boy and he was of course lying on the floor like he was dead when a predator killed him or something.  I really wanted to get out of here but I have to help this guy right now before he is going to die or something bad will happen to his body.  The nurse's office smelled really good and I wished my house will smell like that.  The guy was sitting or lying down on a chair that I think has a lot of germs.  I didn't want to sit there because I think I was going to get ill.

         I didn't want to contaminate the guy even more so I just said,"I think you should sit somewhere else because I think the chair has a lot of germs on it!"  The only thing he said was "Yes."  The nurse checked everything and then she said,"The thing that is now bad in your body is now your have cancer."  Now I felt really bad for this guy because I wish I didn't do it.  I also wish that it will never happen to me.  That guy left and said thank you for all of your hard work and for protecting me.  Even the nurse nodded.  That made me think that I was a helpful and caring human alive right now.  I just felt super happy for saving that guys life and I would be a lot more careful next time

It was a tough competition at every level and all of our competitors gave our teachers a lot to consider when scoring. We look forward to our next competition. Sign up here for our next competition Saturday May 16th at 3:00. 

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